Thanks for stopping by! Launched in early 2016, Proud Dog Mom is a blog that offers dedicated pet parents healthy dog treat recipes, training tips, health advice, DIY projects for your pooch, and so much more. In just a few short months, what started out as a passion project has become a go-to source for everything canine.

Proud Dog Mom was founded by Melissa and Donna, a mother/daughter duo who have raised pooches for decades. As former Poodle breeders and members of their regional Poodle Club of America, the two have developed a close network of top groomers, trainers, vets, dog product developers, and more.

Despite living on two different sides of the country, Melissa and Donna had a mission to come together and share their knowledge and resources with other proud dog moms around the world.

Along with offering useful tips to better care for your dog, the duo creates original, good-for-your-pooch treat recipes and emphasizes the importance of nutrition. Their recipes have quickly garnered worldwide attention on social networking websites like Pinterest and Facebook. Now, they’re in the process of writing their first dog treat cookbook!



melissa-diego-gigiI’m the founder of ProudDogMom.com and completely canine-obsessed! I’ve cared for dogs my entire life. Now, I raise two precious pooches — a three-year-old Chihuahua, Diego, and a two-year-old toy Poodle, Gigi. They are truly the loves of my life!

When I’m not working as a writer and social media manager, you can usually find me playing with my pups and snapping a gazillion photos of them (I can’t help that they’re so cute and photogenic)! I’m definitely that dog mom. I document their lives on Instagram, and if you ever meet me, expect me to whip out my phone and show off photos of my fur kids. #sorrynotsorry 

We love taking trips to the dog park, going for hikes, and traveling. I’ve learned a lot through my adventures with these little guys and continue to learn every day. I absolutely adore getting the chance to share my experiences with you!


I’m a co-founder of ProudDogMom.com and the site’s resident dog chef! I can’t even remember a time when I didn’t have a dog.  I’m a former poodle breeder and at one point, I had six poodles!  At present, I’m a dog mom to two little senior citizen girls. Demi is a miniature poodle, she is 14, and Tina is a toy and she is 12. They are my constant companions and whether we are home hanging out or ready to hit the road for a trip – those little ones are always with me.  

I became a dog chef several years ago when all the controversy started over dogs getting sick and dying from tainted food products. Needless to say, I got very concerned.  As one who always stocked up on treats from the pet store, I found myself reading labels and was getting more and more discouraged.  At that point, I started to research human foods that would be less risky and way healthier for the dogs. That’s when I began to experiment in the kitchen and started to put together recipes. I found that they were LOVING my concoctions and that sparked me to make more. At this point, I almost never purchase dog treats. I feel great that I know exactly what my fur babies are eating. I hope you try some of the recipes from the website and I hope your fur babies love them too. 

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