I’m always coming across new and exciting dog products. Some are extremely useful and make life with dogs way easier, others are just plain fun. Every week, I spotlight a few new products on this page so make sure to check back often! While I own and use some of the items featured on this page, many are on my wishlist too. I’ve made sure to carefully read reviews and only feature products that I would feel safe buying for my own dogs. So let’s shop together!

This Week’s Dog Products Are … 

Snack-Duo – The Snack-Duo container will definitely come in handy during hikes and various day trips. It’s the first reusable bottle that features two side-by-side containers in one bottle. One compartment is designed to hold water with a watertight cap top and the second compartment is designed to hold kibble or snacks. 

Cooling Gel Collar Earlier this summer, I featured a cooling gel pad that your pup can lay on and instantly feel some relief from the blazing sun. I just found out there are also cooling gel collars. Very useful on a hot day!

Giggle Ball This giggle ball makes me flash back to my childhood dogs. We used to have a giggle ball and our dogs LOVED to play with it all. day. long! As the ball rolls, it emits giggle sounds that dogs seem to enjoy. Your dog can play with the giggle ball indoors or outdoors!


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