Just like finding the right doctor for human kids can be a daunting task, so can finding the right vet for our dogs. See 4 tips to make the process easier.

Your Checklist For Choosing The Best Vet

Guest Post By: Crazy Pet Guy

With more people than ever referring to their furry friends as family members, the bond between human and canine couldn’t be clearer. And just like finding the right doctor for our human kids can be a daunting task, so can finding the right vet for our canine companions. Read on for four tips to help make the process easier.

Steps to Choosing a Vet


The first thing to look for in a prospective vet is their accreditation. The American Animal Hospital Association (or AAHA) is a good seal that shows a veterinary practice continually strives to provide the highest quality medical care to an external third-party regulatory body. You can easily find a vet near you that has AAHA approval using the American Animal Association Hospital Locator.


Ask your neighbors, friends, and family members who they use. You can even go online to review websites, such as Best Veterinarian Review and California Veterinary Medical Board. 

If you currently have a trusted vet, but are planning an out-of-state move, ask your current vet if he/she knows of any practices in your new area. This can make the search processes a whole lot easier and help you to feel assured you’ll receive similar quality service.

Ask For A Tour

Once you’ve found a vet who seems like a good fit, visit the practice and take an in-depth walk through to make sure you’re happy with basic things such as cleanliness, staff behavior, and the condition of the current animal patients. If the vet measures up in all these areas then it’s time to schedule an appointment.

Introduction Meeting

Rather than waiting until your dog needs vaccinations or falls ill, schedule an introductory meeting with your new vet. During this time, ask questions and raise any concerns you may have. Also, ask if your vet is familiar with your dog’s breed and their specific health needs. This will help you figure out if you and your dog are comfortable with the vet or need a different doctor to have the best kind of experience.

Also Consider This …

Choosing a vet is a big step in your and your canine companion’s lives, make sure to spend enough time researching and trying out different vets in order to find the one who fits you best. Along with a well-educated veterinarian, look for one who is truly passionate about animals (like the one who sat in a hot car to chronicle the pain dogs go through). It’s always good knowing that your vet cares about your furry family member as much as you do!

Sarah, the author of Crazy Pet Guy, is quite fond of her furry friends. This is why she wants everyone to learn how to properly take care of them and learn more about their specific needs.