6 Christmas Gifts For Your Dog That Will Also Help Shelter Dogs!

Thanksgiving is officially over. You know what that means, right?! It’s time to get your holiday shop on! Since I don’t personally love to wait on long lines at the mall, I will likely be doing the majority of my holiday shopping right hereonline. Are you with me? With so many digital shops stocking cute gifts for the dogs in your life, there’s one that sticks out in my head more than others—iHeartDogs.

Let me explain.  

Not only does iHeartDogs carry a wide range of products, every purchase helps shelter dogs in some way. A purchase may either supply a shelter dog with meals or toys! So my family dog gifts this year will have a positive impact on other canines in need. 

As I scroll through the gift list on the iHeartDogs’ website, I am gathering and sharing my top picks with you. I already own a lot of these products and can’t wait to share them with my other four-legged family members. 

Brain Ball

Give your dog the gift of mental stimulation with this Brain Ball! Made of durable rubber, it features two openings—one to stuff the treats and another for your dog to retrieve the treats. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, it’s not that straightforward. Inside the ball are multiple levels of tiers to block the treats from falling out. So your dog has to kick his brain into high gear to get the treats out. This ball will help keep your pooch stimulated and entertained! Plus, every brain ball sold provides one toy to a shelter dog in need. 

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Photo By: iHeartDogs

Heart Shape Aromatherapy Locket Clip With 3 Felt Inserts

Does your dog suffer from anxiety? When I lived in Texas, my neighbor used to rub pet-friendly essential oils onto her dog during a storm as a way to calm her down. The crazy thing? It actually helped! This cute locket, which clips onto your dog’s collar, comes with three felt inserts that you dap a little essential oil onto. Pop the felt insert into the locket, clip it onto your pup’s collar, and voilá—the mood-lifting benefits begin. Of course, I also can’t forget to mention that strapping a yummy smelling locket onto your dog also helps them smell better (which is really a benefit to you)! Purchasing this product helps to feed five shelter dogs.

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Photo By: iHeartDogs

Brite Bite Brushing Stick 

This awesome toy literally brushes your dog’s teeth as he plays with it! Since dental health has a huge impact on your dog’s overall health and well-being, this is a gift that will keep on giving. Here’s how it works: This simple yet effective rubber toy features two sides of spikes that brush against your dog’s teeth and gums as he chews and slobbers on it. The spikes vary in sizes and angles, helping to grind off any plaque or tartar that has accumulated on your pup’s teeth. It comes in various sizes. It’s important to note that this product sells out quicklyso if you see it in your dog’s size then add it to your shopping cart ASAP! Every sale provides one toy to a dog shelter in need.

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Tartar, Plaque, & Bad Breath Control Peppermint Dental Spray 

I’m actually a huge fan of dental sprays (as long as they’re made from natural ingredients) because I’ve seen their magic in action. My mom’s toy Poodle had experienced a lot of tartar and plaque build-up, which led to extremely stinky breath. With the help of a natural dental spray, she was able to knock off a lot of the nasty gunk from her dog’s teeth. When you use a dental spray, you gently pull back your pup’s lips and spray directly on the largest area of tartar. No brushing required. This product recommends using twice daily for heavy tartar build-up or once daily for moderate build-up. Not only would this dental spray make a great stocking stuffer for your pooch, it also helps feed 14 shelter dogs in need!

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Photo By: iHeartDogs

Hands-Free Black Bungee Dog Leash With Waist Belt

This gift is a little for you and a little for your dog! If you love texting, responding to emails, taking photos, Instagramming, or just having your hands free during dog walks then this leash is exactly what you need. This gift comes with a waist belt and shock-absorbing bungee leash. The leash also features a handle at either end, allowing you to gain more control over your dog if needed. Buying just one of these hands-free leashes helps to feed 20 shelter dogs!

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Photo By: iHeartDogs

Freeze-Dried Treats

You may have seen me talk about these healthy, nutritious, one-ingredient treats in this video. So why do I love freeze dried treats for my dogs? Well, when something is freeze-dried, it is first flash frozen at an ultra-low temperature. Then the moisture is removed by a vacuum process. Through this process, the food is naturally preserved—so there’s no need for controversial chemicals. Another benefit of freeze-dried meats is that they hold most of their nutrients. Unlike with the dehydration process, freeze drying doesn’t require the heat, which kills off many vitamins and minerals. My dogs prefer the chicken flavor, but these treats are available in a few different options. Buying these freeze-dried treat products feed between seven to 14 shelter dogs, depending on which size you order.