13 Dog Collars For The Pampered Pooch

Are you someone who loves to dress up and accessorize your dog? I’m definitely one of those people! I’ve been dressing up my fur kids – Diego and Gigi – since they were little babies. In fact, their clothes take up a good portion of my coat closet (don’t judge too hard)! Along with cute shirts and sweaters, they also have a collection of colorful harnesses and collars.

I personally prefer to keep my dogs in harnesses when we go for walks because I feel like it’s better for their delicate necks. However, when we’re inside, I like to keep a collar around their neck. Whether your pooch wears a collar full time or just as a fashion statement, these 13 studded collars are a definite must see. They’re sold at one of my favorite dog boutiques – Muttropolis. If you ever visit San Diego then you must stop into their shop. From toys and clothes to beds and bowls, they have some super cute stuff! Luckily, though, you don’t have to be in the sunny city to shop their stuff! 

1) White and Gold Crystal Dog Collar 


2) Pink and Green Crystal Dog Collar


3) Gold & Chalk Pyramids On Chocolate Leather Dog Collar


4) White Pyramids And Crystals On White Leather Dog Collar


5) White Cabs And Silver Studs On Green Leather Dog Collar


6) Aqua And Peridot Mixed Crystals On Aqua Leather Dog Collar


7) Red Pyramid And Crystals On Red Leather Dog Collar


8) Pink Leather And Crystal Dog Collar


9) Multi Crystals On Light Pink Leather Dog Collar


10) Light Blue Cabs And Crystals On Chocolate Leather Dog Collar


11) Gold Pyramid With Studs On Black Leather Dog Collar


12) Purple Leather Crystal Dog Collar


13) Bones Leather Dog Collar