Who doesn't love the minions? You know, those little yellow dudes from Despicable Me! Check out my review for these adorable minion hoodies by Styleash.

Review: Dog Minion Hoodies From Styleash

Who doesn’t love the minions? You know, those little yellow dudes from the Despicable Me cartoon movie who went on to star in their own flick. They’re wacky, laugh-out-loud funny, and downright adorable! That’s why, when I first laid eyes on these minion dog hoodies by Styleash Shop, I knew my dogs needed them!

A Little About Styleash

Founded by two friends and passionate pet-lovers, the Styleash Shop is an online boutique that offers dog apparel, collars, harnesses, leashes, toys, grooming supplies, carriers, and playpens. It’s basically a one-stop shop to help unleash your fur kid’s style.

About Their Minion Outfits

Sure, these hoodies would be perfect for Halloween, but it doesn’t have to be a dress-up holiday for your pooch to step into one of these adorable onesies. Here’s what you need to know about them:

  • These hoodies are made from ultra-soft fleece that is bound to make your pooch feel cozy. I just want to snuggle with my little guys (even more than usual) when they’re wearing them.
  • They’re available in two colors — yellow and purple.

  • There’s a little hole in the neckline for a leash to fit through and latch onto a collar. So no need to take the outfit off when you’re going for a walk!
  • Speaking of going for a walk, these hoodies are designed with plenty of room for your dog to go to the bathroom. By that I mean — a lot of clothes come too low on the stomach for male dogs so my Diego winds up peeing on his clothes half the time. I don’t have that issue with these onesies, though!

  • There are several durable buttons that line the bottom of these onesies, securing it onto your dog’s body.
  • They fit true to size. When I measured my dogs, the Styleash sizing chart put my 5lb Diego at a small and my 8lb Gigi at a medium. They fit perfectly!

Get Your Own

These minion hoodies definitely feel like a quality piece of clothing and priced at $12.99 you really can’t go wrong. Click here to visit the Styleash Shop’s official website to order your own!