Check out this list of fun summer activities that you can do with your dog. Not only will they keep your dog stimulated, they're also great for bonding.

10 Summer Activities You Can Do With Your Dog

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, everyone! I hope you have a full weekend ahead filled with family, friends, food, and some outdoor activities. Now that we’re officially in “summer mode,” I wanted to round up a list of fun summer activities that you can do with your dog. Not only will these activities keep your dog both mentally and physically stimulated, but they’re also great for bonding. Enjoy!

10 Summer Activities You Can Do With Your Dog

1) Take Your Pooch For A Dip In The Pool

Grab a life jacket and teach your dog the doggy paddle. A lot of dogs have a blast splashing around in the water, plus it’s a great workout. When it comes to playing in the water, though, it’s always important to think about safety first. Check out this infographic for 6 quick safety tips! 

2) Take Your Pup Paddle Boarding

Last weekend, I went to the White Water Center here in Charlotte and tried paddle boarding for the first time. I don’t know what I enjoyed more — the paddle boarding experience or seeing a bazillion dogs sitting on the edge of their human’s board! I’m definitely going back soon with my little Gigi so she can join in on the fun. My advice? Make sure your dog is wearing a life jacket and if you let them jump into the water, keep a close eye on your pup at all times.

3) Enjoy a Beach Day

Have you ever taken your pup to the beach? My two little ones are obsessed with digging in the sand and running along the shore. When planning your beach getaway, make sure to look for dog-friendly beaches. Not all beaches allow dogs so it’s important to do your homework before packing your tote bag and slipping into your flip flops. During your search for dog-friendly beaches, it’s important to note that some beaches will allow dogs at certain times of the day/year and not others.

Check out these 14 tips for taking your dog to the beach!

4) Take a Hike

Dogs love to hit the hiking trails, smell the different smells, and explore the rural environment. Whenever I hike and take periodic resting breaks, my little ones just look at me with sad eyes because they’re impatient and so badly want to keep exploring. Just like with beaches, when planning a hike, make sure to look for dog-friendly trails. BringFido is a great website that can help you find dog-friendly hiking trails all over the world.

Click here to see other hiking tips, rules, and gear!

5) Dine Outside

If you’re a fan of outdoor dining, why not let your dog tag along? A lot of restaurants actually allow dogs in their patio seating area. Some places even provide water bowls so your thirsty pup can take a little drink. BringFido has a restaurants section of their site, making it easy to find dog-friendly restaurants close by. 

6) Drive-In Movies

Drive-in movies are a blast for both you and your pup. Go early to run around and tire your dog out. That way when the movie starts, they’re ready to take a little nap.

7) Music In The Park

Does your community host a regular First Friday or Concert In The Park type of event? If so, they’re a great summer activity to let your pooch join in on (as long as your pooch is okay with crowds). Your dog will love all of the attention he/she gets from everyone!

8) Take An Outdoor Yoga Class With Your Dog

If you follow me on Instagram then you know I’m a fairly new yogi (yes, I drank the yoga Koolaid). Well, now that the weather is warming up I’ve been taking a lot of outdoor yoga classes around the city. Every time I go, I’m amazed how many people bring their dogs along! As us humans practice our downward dog, the canines usually lay near the mat and people-watch. After the class is over, the pups get so much love and attention. Plus, it’s a great way for you to meet other dog lovers!

9) Take a Stroll At The Farmer’s Market

The farmer’s market isn’t only a great place to pick up fresh produce. Taking a stroll down the streets and checking out all of the vendors is also fun for your dog. Some vendors may even give your pooch a little taste test of something yummy!

10) Make Some Pupsicles

Help your pooch beat the summer heat by whipping up some homemade pupsicles. You can get creative here — purée whatever dog-safe fruit you have on hand, pour it into some silicone molds, and freeze! Here is one pumpkin-based recipe that my dogs love and hopefully yours will too.

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What are some other fun summer activities you like to do with your dog? Let me know in the comment section below!