Check out this helpful online workout video for dogs. You'll get three great exercises that benefit your pup's muscles. Watch the moves in action now!

3 Great Exercises To Work Your Dog’s Muscles

How do you exercise your dog? 

Maybe you let your pooch run around the backyard, take him for long walks around your community, or go for hikes. You may also play fetch and set up an at-home agility course. Those are all great options! While many dog parents focus on cardio, though, it’s also important for your dog to stretch and work his various muscles. Enter – this fun online dog gym class!

Gym Class: 3 Beneficial Dog Exercises 

PetPlan Pet Insurance put together this great video, which highlights three simple dog exercises:

  1. Sit Up – a core exercise that you can think of like a human plank or sit up.
  2. Spin – a side body stretch that can be equated to a standing side lean in yoga.
  3. Take a Bow – a back bend exercise that helps to strengthen your pup’s back muscles.

Watch to see the exercises in action and how you can train your pup to practice them: 

A Note On Treats

As you can see, training your dog to do these moves requires a lot of treats. If you’re concerned your dog will be eating too much, try offering small pieces of vegetables/fruits. Check out this video for seven quick and healthy snack options

What are some of your favorite ways to exercise your dog? Let me know in the comment seciont below!