Accidents Happen: How To Properly Clean Up Pet Urine

Accidents happen. If you’re a dog mom, at some point you are going to have to deal with a little pee on the floor. Whether you are in the process of training a new puppy or caring for an elder pooch, accidents are just the reality of owning a dog. The real problem is when owners don’t clean correctly. 

When a dog pees on the carpet, the urine soaks down past the bristles and spreads into the padding. So the size of the spot you see on the carpet is even larger underneath. If you are not properly cleaning up the urine, your dog will be able to smell it and may continue to have accidents in that same spot. Another issue — urine odor will begin to fill the room. No one wants to take a big whiff of urine! 

I’m thankful that I’ve passed the puppy stage and both of my dogs are 100% house trained. If you aren’t there yet, check out the clean-up tips below!


1) Soak It Up

Place a paper towel, or another absorbent material, on top of the urine and blot up as much as possible. I used to even put a shoe on and step on the spot. The extra weight will draw more liquid into the paper towel. 

2) Dilute It

Pour plain water over the area and then grab your paper towels again. Soak up the moisture until you don’t see any more yellow liquid left on the towels.

3) Use a Cleaner

Nature’s Miracle is just what it sounds like … it’s a miracle! Pour the enzyme-based ‘digester’ on the spot and follow the directions on the back of the bottle. It will have to sit for a certain amount of time. Always make sure to use a carpet cleaner that’s specifically designed for pets. They contain bacteria and enzyme digesters that work to eliminate the pet stains and urine odor.

If you aren’t keen on buying a solution, you can also make a natural one at home. This solution recipe is taken from Dr. Joseph Mercola

  • Combine one part hydrogen peroxide and two parts water. Let the mixture sit on the spot for five to ten minutes before blotting up the moisture.
  • Next, soak the area completely with undiluted white vinegar. Let it sit for several minutes before blotting dry.

Note: This natural solution also works for cleaning up poop accidents. 

4) Sprinkle Baking Soda

To get rid of any lingering odor, cover the cleaned area with baking soda. Baking soda is an odor eater.  Let it sit on the soiled area for a few hours. Then, vacuum as normal. 

Cleaning Older Stains

It’s best to clean up right after your pooch has the accident. However, that’s not always possible. So, here’s what to do if you are treating an older stain.

You can follow the steps above. Just know, when it comes to older stains, you may have to repeat the process a few times before the stain and odor are completely gone.

Also, I recommend using a vacuum-type carpet cleaner and a good shampoo designed to clean pet messes! I personally have a rug shampooer and use it about once a month because I like to keep my carpets clean. You never know what germs you and your pet are stepping on while outside. Then you bring those germs and bacteria into the house and unknowingly rub them into your carpet. So carpet shampooing is a good routine to get into even if you aren’t doing so to clean up old urine stains. 

Happy Cleaning!