The Human Foods Dogs Can Eat (Plus, The Ones They Can’t)

Whenever you open up your refrigerator or kitchen pantry to grab a snack, does your fur baby follow? Does he give you that excited look like he’s definitely going to get something? Yeah, my dogs do the same thing!

I started baking homemade treats for my two precious pooches several years ago. All of my treats are made with high-quality, human ingredients. So it’s very important for me to know exactly which human foods my dogs can eat (and which ones they can’t).

You see, your dog’s body processes some human foods differently than yours does. Some human foods are considered toxic to your dog, and just a few bites could leave your pooch with anything from a minor stomach ache to a major illness or, in some cases, even death. 

Some Human Foods Are Surrounded With Controversy 

When deciding which ingredients to include in my dog’s treats, I personally go with the theory “when in doubt, leave it out.” I don’t want to gamble with my dog’s health. There are certain foods that you will see on my “no” list that you may have heard are fine for dogs to eat. Take garlic, for example. I too remember a time when my vet recommended small amounts of garlic for certain things. I remember when they used to use it for flea control. However, garlic is extremely controversial and today many officials label it as toxic. That’s because garlic is in the same family as onions, chives, and leeks, which all contain a toxin that can damage a dog’s red blood cells.

Some Human Foods Aren’t Questioned

On my “no” list you will also find some foods such as alcohol, chocolate, xylitol, and pits/seeds from fruit. There really is no argument against these foods. They are toxic to your pooch and should never be included in their diet. 

The Human Foods Your Dogs Can And Can’t Eat

Please note: This is just a small list of human foods your dog can and cannot eat! If you are questioning a specific food, you can always refer to The Pet Poison Helpline for help!

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