Review: IMK9 Pets Awesome Car Hammock

I’m constantly taking my dogs on short car rides around town. We also take long road trips across the country to visit family about twice a year. If you’re like me, and your dog is your best car buddy, then you are in for a real treat. I just got The Awesome Car Hammock from IMK9 Pets and can’t believe how awesome it truly is.

Before I tell you about my experience using it, do you know what a car hammock is? 

It’s a Seat Protector

  • Does your dog shed?
  • Does your dog drag unwanted dirt in your car?
  • Are your car seats filled with mud and/or road ice paw prints?
  • Do your leather or cloth seats take a beating from your dog’s nails?

Not anymore! IMK9‘s Awesome Car Hammock is durable and waterproof, so it will keep your car’s interior looking brand new (sounds good to me)!


It’s a Safety Measure

IMK9‘s car hammock is easily installed by wrapping end straps around your car seat’s headrests. Then you can adjust the straps to create a secure fit. After tightening the straps, you’re left with a barrier from the front to the back seat (as shown in the photo above). Did you know the best place for your dog to sit is in the backseat? I know it’s more fun to let your pup ride on your lap, but the front seat really isn’t safe for them. Heaven forbid you get into a car crash and your airbags deploy. When this happens, the airbags will pop open at speeds of approximately 200 mph. Chances are, your pup won’t survive that. So using this car hammock can help get your pooch used to riding in the back seat where he is safer.

Also …

With IMK9’s Awesome Car Hammock, you will notice a zipper in the middle (as shown in the photo below). When that zipper is zipped, there isn’t access to the floor. If you stop short, this will help prevent your precious pooch from sliding or slipping to the ground. A fall like that could lead to injury so better safe than sorry!



My Experience With The IMK9’s Awesome Car Hammock

With all of the positives that come along with this car hammock, you can imagine my excitement when my IMK9 car hammock arrived and I strapped it into my car for the first time.


The first thing I noticed was the quality. It came in a durable pouch made out of the same waterproof fabric – great for storage. Speaking of the fabric, it’s very thick so I wasn’t worried about my dog’s nails ripping through the actual hammock once I put it in my car. 



IMK9’s car hammock is 59 x 57 inches so it’s pretty generously sized. Their website says it will fit any size vehicle — large or small — but I was still a little worried it wouldn’t fit in my Lincoln MKZ or my mom’s Ford Fusion. As soon as I strapped it into my car, though, I was happy to see the hammock fell right into place. Plus, the adjustable straps are amazing to help customize it to any car.


My Dog’s Reaction

As with anything new, the first time I loaded my pups into the hammock-lined backseat, they were a little curious. They sniffed the fabric and pranced from one side of the car to the other to explore. They even cried a little, trying to get back in the front seat. After just 10 minutes, though, they settled down. They looked extremely comfortable … with the comfort level rising the longer they were in the car. 


About 10 minutes into the car ride, I looked back and found them both sitting comfortably:


Then, another few minutes into the ride, Gigi laid down and was about to drift off into dreamland:


This product gets a 10 out of 10 from me. Not only do I love it, but so do my pooches!


Get Your Own Awesome Car Hammock

After trying out this product, it’s definitely one I recommend.
Check out IMK9 Pets to get one for your car!

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