Review: PACK&DEN Luxury Dog Beds & Throws

Between my wedding last month and furnishing a new home, it seriously feels like Christmas. Almost every day, another box arrives at my doorstep. Usually, it’s a new kitchen gadget or a few curtain panels, but every now and then I get something fun for the dogs. Which brings me to one of my most recent deliveries…

My friends over at iHeartDogs recently launched a new line of luxury dog beds and throws — it’s called PACK&DEN. And guess what?! They sent me a big box of goodies to try out! I’m so excited to share my thoughts with you. Check out my unboxing video below and then read on to find out more about the new PACK&DEN line:


Do your dogs love to hang out on your furniture? Mine certainly do! But here’s the thing: While I’m a loving dog mom who enjoys seeing her dogs get comfy on the couch, I’m also a bit of a neat freak. And with brand new couches, the last thing I want is dirty paw prints and wet nose marks on the cushions. Enter: PACK&DEN throws!

These little couch-savers come in various colors, fabrics, and sizes. As you saw in the video above, I have the faux llama throws in ivory. I use the XS/S size on my love seat and the MED/LRG on my sofa.

In addition to the two sizes, here are your options:

  • Tan Faux Llama
  • Ivory Faux Llama
  • Grey Faux Wolf
  • Tawny Faux Fox

All of the PACK&DEN throws also come with odor trapper and calming accessories. You’ll get an odor trapper bag that’s filled with activated coconut charcoal (helping to eliminate any doggy smell). Also, it comes with an aromatherapy felt heart insert — you just need to add a dab of calming essential oils!

My Thoughts / What I Love

Since I have the faux llama throws, my opinions are about that particular product:

  • Soft as a cloud — the dogs love laying on them
  • Doesn’t shed
  • Machine washable 
  • Odor trapper really works
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Looks great on the couch!

Another plus? For every throw sold, iHeartDogs donates a fleece blanket to a shelter dog in need! 

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Now, onto the beds!

I personally have the small faux wolf dog bed and it’s perfect for my small dogs (I have a 5-pound Chihuahua and an 8-pound toy Poodle). I keep mine in my home office and my little guys rotate — whichever isn’t on my lap usually lays on the bed!

The options:

  • Available in two sizes (LRG and SM)
  • Grey Faux Wolf
  • Tawny Faux Fox

Each bed includes two inches of high-quality orthopedic foam layers. They have a stabilizing foam layer on the bottom and a memory foam layer on the top. Honestly, they feel really comfy.

My Thoughts / What I Love

Since I have the faux wolf bed, my opinions are about that particular product:

  • Comfy yet supportive
  • Feels like a high-quality product. Note: While the faux hair doesn’t shed, my dogs do sometimes bite it, thinking it’s a toy. When they yank on it, some hair does come out.
  • Machine washable cover
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Just like with the throws, for every bed sold, iHeartDogs donates a fleece blanket to a shelter dog in need!

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For More Info …

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