Grieving the loss of a furry loved one, or know someone who is? Check out these six meaningful pet memorial ideas.

Meaningful Pet Memorial Ideas: 6 Ways To Honor Your Pooch

“No longer by my side, but forever in my heart”

Words cannot begin to describe how painful it is to lose a dog. They’re among our closest family members, best friends, and confidants. Seriously … I bet your pooch knows all your secrets and has been there through every heartbreak and tough situation. And no matter how many years we get to spend with them, it’s never enough.

If you’re grieving the loss of a furry loved one, or know someone who is, then check out these pet memorial ideas. 

Keep Your Dog’s Ashes in a Special Pet Memorial Urn

After your pooch crosses the rainbow bridge, you can choose to have your dog cremated. Most vets have a crematory that they work with that offer multiple services. You can choose from having a private cremation where your dog is cremated by himself and you get your dog’s ashes back. Or you can choose to have a community cremation where he is cremated with other dogs. With a community cremation, there is no way to get your dog’s ashes back.

In my family, we’ve always chosen a private cremation and then kept the ashes in a special urn. Speaking from personal experience, it helps us feel like our dogs are somehow still with us. There are plenty of pet memory boxes to choose from right on Amazon. Here are a few:


Create a Shadow Box Filled With Their Photo, Collar, and Tag

Display a little piece of your pooch by filling a shadow box with his/her photo, collar, and tags. If you get a large enough shadow box, you may even be able to fit your pup’s favorite squeaky toy. They do make shadow boxes specifically for this type of memorial, but you can also just pick up a shadow box at your local craft store and design your own!

*From reading Amazon reviews, this box is great for small collars only.

Create an Online Memorial That You Can Share With Family and Friends

Sort of like an obituary for your pet, is a website that lets you create an online memorial for your dog. Fill it with a sweet message, photos, videos, and other memorabilia. You can share it with your friends and family and they can even contribute personal notes! hosts online memorials for free for the first three months and then charges a small fee. The good news? They donate all of the profits to The Humane Society of the United States, The Humane Society of Canada, and other select non-profit animal wellness causes. All of the non-profit organizations are dedicated to the humane care of pets and other animals in our society.

Have an Artist Create a Special Painting of Your Pooch

When I was first introduced to Sarah, the founder and owner of SarahPaintsPets, I did a little digging into her previous work. I was touched when I saw her paintings of passed away pets. They perfectly capture the pets’ features and personalities. Select from a range of sizes and display it in a place that will make you smile each time you see it!

This is the painting Sarah made of my dogs:

Pet Memorial Wind Chime

Hang a memorial wind chime on your patio or in your garden so you remember your precious pooch each time the wind blows!

Plant a Memory Garden

Speaking of a garden, you can also plant a memory garden. It will add new life, beauty, and a place to celebrate Fido as you get to watch it grow. Create beautiful memories as you plant flowers or a special tree to honor your furry loved ones.  If you don’t have a backyard or outdoor space – no problem, indoor planters are a great alternative. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and themes.

Do you have any special pet memorial ideas? Share them in the comment section below!