Review: Fido To Go Tote Bag

If you’re a regular here at Proud Dog Mom then you know I enjoy taking my dogs everywhere! We hike, roam the neighborhood parks, walk along the beach, and hit the road for new adventures. The one thing I always do before we go anywhere? Pack a tote bag filled with dog essentials! That typically includes bowls, water bottles, treats, toys, and waste bags. Does the packing process sound familiar? If so, you’re going to love the latest product I’m reviewing—the Fido To Go Tote Bag.

What Is The Fido To Go Tote Bag?

This waterproof tote bag is designed with the active canine family in mind—with enough room for dog essentials and some of your belongings too!

Here are a few features I noticed right away:

  • The bag is made from a lightweight, waterproof material and feels like a great quality.
  • It’s a great size—8.7 X 7.4 X 3.9.
  • One main zipper compartment in the center (perfect for your puppy essentials).
  • Two smaller zipper compartments in the front and back (perfect for storing dog treats, extra leashes, your cell phone, wallet, keys, a few hair clips, or other small belongings).
  • Two mesh pockets on both sides (perfect for water bottles or your cell phone). 
  • Carry handle on the top of the tote.
  • Over-the-body strap in case you need both hands free.

But the bag isn’t the only cool thing about the Fido To Go Tote Bag. It’s really the goodies inside that make it special.

Check Out The Goodies Inside

This bag comes equipped with:

  • One collapsible water/food bowl
  • Durable water bottle
  • Bone-shaped pet waste bag holder
  • Roll of pet waste bags
  • A bone-shaped, high-strength carabiner

What I Like About It

I find the goodies in this dog tote extremely useful and cost effective. Just think about it—this one product eliminates the need to buy all of those smaller products separately. 

Another benefit? I’ve cut down on those moments in the car where I pull out of my community and then suddenly hit the breaks, saying, “OMG … I forgot the _____.” Now, since I store everything in the tote bag, I have everything in one, easy, convenient, grab-and-go spot! 

Get One

Pick up one of these savvy totes on Amazon! 

About Let’s Go Fido

Let’s Go Fido is a small, family owned business run by an animal-loving husband and wife team. Together, the couple currently raises two dogs and two cats. Living an active lifestyle, they wanted to help their fellow pet parents have the convenience and pleasure of being able to keep their fur kids with them whenever they leave home. Enter the Fido To Go Tote! Check out LetsGoFido.Net to find out more about the Fido To Go Tote Bag.