Review: Happy Dog Zone Ear Cleaner

I come from a Poodle-loving family. In fact, I grew up with six of them! Today, my mom has two little senior citizen Poodles in her home and I have a two-year-old toy Poodle in mine. If you aren’t familiar with the breed, let me explain their ears to you. Poodles are extremely susceptible to ear infections. Wax starts building up in their ears and they stink. Then, they scratch, scratch, scratch (which only makes them more irritated)! As a result, I’ve tried A LOT of different ear cleaners… some reactive, others proactive. As a way of keeping on top of my little Gigi’s ear health, I recently tried Happy Dog Zone‘s naturally derived plant-based ear cleaner. Here’s what I thought:

Happy Dog Zone Ear Cleaner

Happy Dog Zone is a family owned company that puts an emphasis on naturally derived products. They make everything from dog probiotics to shampoo. Since I’m all about natural, I was very excited to try their ear cleaner which is advertised as a gentle formula that soothes itchy ears, cleans ear wax & dirt, and eliminates odor. 

Here’s how it works – you add a generous amount of the cleaner to a cotton swab (I used a cotton pad) and gently wipe the inside of the ear flap. Simple and painless! 

The Ingredients 

When the ear cleaner arrived in the mail, I immediately read the label. Some things caught my attention:

  • No MEA or DEA
  • No Sulfate
  • No Alcohol
  • No Parabens

This ultra-mild cleanser uses both coconut (which I’m obsessed with since it has antibacterial, antiviral, and antimicrobial properties) and palm. 


My Experience

The second I opened the bottle and poured the liquid on my cotton ball I took notice to the pleasant smell. I personally can’t stand when my dog smells like a vinegar salad after an ear cleaning! In my opinion, the Happy Dog Zone ear cleaner has more of a mild soapy smell. I could tell right away that it wasn’t going to be harsh on my dog’s ears. 


First, I used the cleanser on Gigi and my Chihuahua, Diego. Since their ears really weren’t that dirty, I only had to use one cotton wipe for each ear. Neither one of them seemed uncomfortable during their cleaning – they didn’t paw at their ears or show any signs of irritation. When they were all done, there were no traces of wax left in their ears and they smelled fresh/clean!

Next up – my mom’s dogs. One of her pups (Demi) needed a good ear cleaning. Before using the product, Demi had visible wax buildup on her ear flaps, leading into the canal. I did wind up using about three cotton wipes on each of her ears in order to clean out all of the wax.

I was very happy with the end result!



What I Liked About This Product

  1. Naturally derived plant-based formula with no harsh chemicals or alcohols
  2. Cleaned ear wax with ease
  3. Didn’t irritate my dog’s ears
  4. Left my pup’s smelling fresh and clean vs. smelling like a vinegar-based salad
  5. A little goes a long way, so the 8 oz bottle should last a while
  6. Made in the USA

Who Would This Product Benefit?

  1. Not breed specific
  2. Dogs that suffer from stinky ears and wax build up
  3. Dogs with sensitive skin


Pick Up a Bottle! 

The Happy Dog Zone ear cleaner is $25.97, but is currently on sale on their website for $14.97! Click here to shop Happy Dog Zone.