Review: OmegaPet De-shedding Brush

My tiny Chihuahua is a huge shedder. I can’t even tell you how often I have to clean my home because there are little white Chihuahua hairs sprinkled across my dark hardwood floors, tucked into carpet fibers, decorating my bed sheets, and stuck to every couch. That’s not to mention the hairs left behind on my clothing (the lint brush is my best friend) and occasionally in my coffee cup (everything tastes better with a dog hair in it, right?).

Does your dog shed too?

If so, I’ve got some good news for you! One way to cut down on some of those loose hairs that take up residence on your floor and furniture is to regularly brush your pup’s coat with a de-shedding brush. I recently tested out OmegaPet’s de-shedding brush for the past few weeks and definitely notice a difference. 

How The Brush Works

OmegaPet’s de-shedding brush features a stainless steel blade that reaches through your dog’s top coat and gently removes those loose hairs from the undercoat. It doesn’t take a lot of effort. You just have to brush through your dog’s coat like you would with any other brush—starting from the head and carefully working your way down your pup’s body. You don’t have to press down hard for your brush to work. Rather, you just need to smoothly and gently comb in the direction of your pup’s hair growth. It’s worth mentioning that my little Chihuahua was extremely comfortable throughout the entire de-shedding session. 

Within a few minutes of combing, the brush fills with hairs that will now wind up in the trash (compared to your clothes and house). 

Another benefit? It doesn’t take long. It takes a little less than 10 minutes for me to comb through my short hair Chihuahua. For larger dogs or dogs with long hair, it will take about 10-15 minutes. 

For best results, OmegaPet recommends de-shedding your pooch immediately after bath time. I personally like to use the brush first thing in the morning, though. I groom myself and then my canine cutie!

Easy Clean-Up

One thing that makes OmegaPet’s brush great is the EasyEject button. Let me explain. Once the brush fills with hair, you simply press a button that’s located on the back of the handle. Then, a piece protrudes out from under the blade, pushing the hair forward. This allows you to grab and remove the hair with ease.

Who This De-Shedding Brush Is For 

If your dog has an undercoat and is a shedder then this brush is for you! It works on both short and long-haired shedding dogs. 

*Note: Avoid using a de-shedding brush if your dog has sensitive skin or if you’re raising a non-shedding breed. Not all breeds have undercoats! 

Get Your Paws On A Pair

After using this brush, I can understand why it’s a top-rated product on Amazon and most customers give it five stars. If you’re inclined to order one after reading this review, it’s important to note that OmegaPet offers a lifetime replacement policy for damages—so make sure to register your brush online after it arrives! 

Happy de-shedding. 

Who Is OmegaPet?

Founded in 2012, the OmegaPet team works with veterinarians, distributors, and pet industry pros. Their products include grooming supplies, training aids, naturally derived health products, tear stain remover, and more. OmegaPet is headquartered in Charlotte, NC.