The Reason I Compare Dog Collars To Wedding Rings

To quote the hilarious movie Chuck and Larry, “(Wedding) rings are a symbol of eternity because with the ring there’s no beginning. There is no end. Because it’s a circle. It’s not like a triangle. Triangle has, like, a corner. It ends. This one is a circle.”

Well … dog collars aren’t triangles either!

In my opinion, a dog collar is very similar to a wedding ring. They both symbolize commitment. When I bring a dog home and place a collar around his/her neck (or in my case, a harness around his/her body), I’m making a promise to always love and take care of that dog to the best of my ability. I am making a promise to feed that dog when he’s healthy, nurse him back to health when he’s sick, and spoil him every day of his precious life. 

I started comparing dog collars to wedding rings a few months ago. It started with a conversation I had with my boyfriend (who is a proud dog dad). He was telling me about a dog in our area who was badly abused. Some disgusting person taped metal rods against a chihuahuas legs and left the tiny pooch out in the cold to die. SICK!

It makes me absolutely sick to my stomach when I hear someone abused an innocent puppy. HOW? How can someone look at a dog and want to hurt them? How can someone leave a dog out in the cold, or severe heat, to fend for himself? How can someone abandon a dog? I will never understand it. 

The point of this blog post is to simply spread the word that animal abuse is never okay. We all need to start looking at dog collars like wedding rings — as symbols of life-long love and care. Before anyone brings a dog home they must realize that it’s a life-long commitment. A dog is not a toy. A dog is not something to have because you think you should. Only get a dog if you are ready to be a parent. A proud dog parent.