Why Does My Dog Stare at Me While Pooping?

Imagine this: You hook up your pup’s leash and head out for a potty walk. He sniffs out the perfect patch of grass and begins turning around in circles until he eventually pops a squat. As you reach for the waste bags and then glance up at your pooping pup to make sure everything is copacetic, you notice your dog staring straight at you. But why? 

A lot of pet parents wonder why their fur kids love to make eye contact with them during such an awkward moment. Nope – your dog isn’t embarrassed and asking for privacy. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. 

Protection While Pooping

When your dog assumes the I’m-doing-my-business position, he’s incredibly vulnerable … and he instinctively knows it. With his back hunched over and legs all stacked together, your dog isn’t in a position to easily fight or flee. If your dog were to face any danger while eliminating, it would be incredibly difficult to defend himself. That’s where you come in.

As descendants of wolves, dogs are natural pack animals. They look at their alpha pack leader as their provider and protector. In your family, you’re the one who feeds, provides shelter, and protects your pup. So, you are the pack leader. If your dog stares at you while in the vulnerable poop position, he’s simply depending on you to keep him safe. Your dog is closely watching your body language for potential cues and warning signs. 

Dog Behavior

Although dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years, a lot of their behaviors are still driven by natural instinct leftover from their wolf ancestors. Check out some of our other reads on decoding common dog behaviors HERE. It’s fascinating to learn, and finally understand, why our fur kids act in certain ways.