The Various Forms Of CBD For Dogs: Which Is Best?

In the last two months, one thing has become very clear to me: A LOT of dog parents are currently giving — or are interested in giving — their dogs CBD Hemp products.

I shared my Chihuahua’s journey with Cannanine’s Organic CBD Oil from Hemp in THIS article. In case you missed it, after much hesitation, I started giving it to him for joint pain. After just two weeks of daily use, I started noticing a huge difference in the way he walked and his mood improved. We’re about two months in now and, last night, I even saw him running and rough-housing with my Poodle (like he used to a few years ago). My only regret? I wish I started it sooner!

Since writing about CBD & Hemp Oil, I’ve had a handful of pet parents reach out to me, either sharing their experiences with it or asking more questions about it! One of the most recent:

“What is the most potent form of CBD and how should I give it to my dog?”

So, let’s chat!

CBD’s Various Forms

When you start looking for the perfect CBD Oil from Hemp supplement to give your dog, you’ll notice it comes in a variety of forms. Here are some popular ones:

  • Oil Tinctures: This form comes in a glass bottle with a little dropper so you can easily measure dosage.
  • Capsules: These are filled with a predetermined dose of CBD and look similar to fish oil capsules.
  • Infused Treats & Soft Chews: It’s easy to find companies selling CBD-infused biscuits, soft chews (which often contain other vitamins and nutrients), and even doggy ice cream. Yes, I recently saw an ad for dog-approved CBD ice cream on Instagram.

So, what’s the best?

Experts recommend opting for a straight oil – the one that comes in a glass bottle with a little dropper. That’s because you can easily control the dosing for your dog’s unique needs. Plus, CBD is more potent in oil form than treat form because it hasn’t been cooked at high heats that can break down the CBD and degrade its bioavailability (the amount that the body absorbs).

According to the Dogs Naturally buyers guide:

“Buy a CBD oil, not CBD cookies or treats, which are likely not strong enough to be effective.”

Experts say CBD starts breaking down at around 300ºF. As we move into the many ways you can give CBD Hemp Oil to your dog, keep in mind that my homemade dog treats are usually baked at 350ºF. So, you don’t want to add your quality oil to any homemade treats pre-baking if you’re looking for your dog to reap the greatest therapeutic reward.

How To Give Your Dog CBD Hemp Oil

Squirt It Directly Into His Mouth

One of the best ways to give your dog CBD oil is to drop it directly into their mouth, preferably under the tongue so it absorbs directly into your dog’s bloodstream. If your dog will allow you to squirt the oil directly into his mouth, but not under his tongue then aim for the back of his tongue (not so far back that you’ll gag him, but far enough that he won’t spit it out).

Immediately follow it up with your dog’s favorite treat! This will help ensure that he swallowed it all and makes the experience a more pleasant one for your pooch!

Squirt It Onto A Soft & Absorbent Treat

This is where my Salmon & Veggie Dog Muffins, Sweet Potato Muffins, Turkey Loaf Muffins, and Sardine-Based Fish Paw treats come in handy. These are all easy to pop onto a little plate, break apart into small bites, and squirt some Hemp CBD hemp oil on top. 

Squirt It Onto Something Simple & Yummy 

If you don’t have any of those homemade treats in your fridge, no problem! When I’m in a pinch, I squirt my dog’s dose onto a: 

  • Scoop a canned salmon (boneless, skinless, in water)
  • 1 mashed sardine (boneless, skinless, in water)
  • A few bites of boiled chicken
  • A scoop of plain yogurt

Add It To Your Dog’s Food

This won’t really work if you’re a free-feed. But, if you feed your dog twice a day and he naturally gobbles down his meals then you can also add his dose right to his main meal!

Have you ever tried CBD oil or hemp oil for your dog? In this article, Proud Dog Mom answers your burning questions and breaks down the many benefits.

The Oil I Personally Use

I personally use and trust iHeartDogs’ Cannanine™, which is an organic and full-spectrum CBD oil from hemp. Here are some of the reasons why: 

  • You can easily find the Certificate of Analysis on their website
  • Test results show their oil is free of heavy metals, harmful bacteria, yeast, mold, and other toxins
  • It contains zero mind-altering THC – most other CBD oils contain trace amounts of THC
  • Manufactured in the USA from organically grown Colorado hemp
  • It’s full-spectrum
  • It’s terpene-rich oil

Find out more about Cannanine HERE!

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