As the countdown to Christmas begins, are you planning on taking family holiday photos? If so, here are some fun, festive accessories for your dog!

12 Adorable Dog Accessories For Holiday Photos

As the countdown to the holiday season begins, are you planning on taking family Christmas photos? I’m talking about a photo session with your ENTIRE family … even the furry, four-legged members. If so, why not go the extra mile to dress your pooch in something special? From simple accessories (like bowties and bandanas) to more extravagant outfits (like tuxedos, costumes, and matching family PJs), I’ve packed this list with 12 dog accessories for holiday photos. 


1. Bowties

If your pooch doesn’t care for clothes, but you still want him to wear a little something special for holiday photos and parties then bowties are the perfect accessory! These red and green festive bowties come in 6 sizes (XXS-XL), perfect for all dog breeds.

If you want to stock up on a rainbow of colors then Amazon has some super affordable options. Like this 20-piece solid set for small and medium dogs (I’m actually planning on ordering these for photoshoots).

2. Neckties

Another awe-worthy accessory: Neckties! If the men in your family holiday photos are planning to wear festive neckties then Fido can join in on the fun with these coordinating options (left link is for small dogs and right link is for large canines):


3. Tuxedo

Fancy family photos? Take things up a notch by dressing your pup in a full-on formal tuxedo! This one comes in 5 sizes (small, medium, large, extra-large, and extra-extra-large):

4. Holiday Sweaters

These holiday sweaters have more than 1,400 glowing reviews on Amazon … and for good reason! Not only are they adorable and good quality, but you can also get a matching sweater for yourself. That’s right, they offer matching men’s women’s sweaters too! Click the link to check out the various patterns:

5. Collar Shirts

Collar shirts are simple yet sophisticated … for both people and canines! This affordable 4-pack isn’t necessarily meant for holiday time. But, you can use the red and/or green shirts for your holiday photos and then keep the rest orange and blue shirts for another day.


6. Holiday Dress

Is there anything cuter than a dainty dog in an elegant dress? I just love dressing my toy Poodle, Gigi, in little dresses during photoshoots and when we host house parties. It’s just so, stinking adorable. As I begin my search for Gigi’s holiday dress, I’m linking a few awe-worthy options: 

7. Red and Green Tutu

A dog in a tutu? Yeah, who wouldn’t smile at that sight?! This alternating red and green tutu is perfect for holiday photos and parties. It features an elastic waistline that’s comfortable yet snug enough so the skirt stays in place when your pooch has to pee.  This holiday tutu is available in 7 sizes, ranging from XS-XXXL!

8. Hair Bows

If you take your dog to a professional groomer salon then you can simply ask your groomer for a holiday hair bow. But, if you home-groom and still want festive bows in your pup’s ears or topknot then Amazon can help. This pack comes with 12 pairs: 


9. Bandanas

It doesn’t get much easier than tying a bandana around your dog’s neck and calling it a day. Just like with the hair bows I mentioned a moment ago, if you get your dog professionally groomed then you can just ask for a festive bandana. But, there are also loads of options on Amazon!

This 2-pack of plaid bandanas that feature Santa and a snowman is perfect for small-medium dogs. 

And then there’s this 4-pack that comes in 2 sizes: small and large: 


10. Adorable Santa’s Reindeer Costume

When I first stumbled across this adorable dog holiday costume, I immediately added it to my shopping cart. Oh, you bet my babies are sporting these this season. Once Fido or Fifi slips into this unique costume, it’s as if he/she has transformed into a reindeer and is giving Santa a ride!

There are a few versions of this costume online, but this is the only one I found that comes in 4 sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large. So, it’s perfect for all breeds. 

11. Matching Family Pajamas

Each year, my family gets a new set of matching Christmas pajamas. And, yes, even the dogs join in on the action and wear coordinating outfits. Two years ago, we wore stripes. Last year, we wore red plaid. This year? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see! 

If you’re on the hunt for some Instagram-worthy PJs, here are a few great options: 

12. Scarf and Hat Set

Planning an outdoor photoshoot for your holiday pictures? As you reach for your outdoor gear, don’t forget about your pup. Bundle your canine companion in a matching scarf and hat set.

I’ve linked to a few options below. The one on the left is red and white and has reindeer on it! It comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The one on the right is an elf hat with a matching red/green scarf! That one comes in both small and large.

There are plenty of options on Amazon — the possibilities are endless!

Happy Holidays!