8 Dog Cookie Cutters All Pup Chefs Need

I’ve been making my dogs their own treats for about a year now. When I first started, I would simply mold the treat dough by hand. Once I realized my fur babies loved my creations, though, I felt it was time to get some cute dog cookie cutters. Now their homemade treats are healthy, yummy (according to my pups), and cute! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite cookie cutters so you can create pretty treats too. All of these cutters/molds have great reviews and are extremely affordable (I’m taking just a few dollars)!

1) Traditional Dog Bone

If you’re going to make your pups homemade treats then a bone cookie cutter is a must have! This 2-inch cutter by R&M is heavy duty and easy to work with. Get it on Amazon

dog bone cookie cutter

2) Paw Print

This 2.25″ tin-plated paw print cookie cutter by Dogs OTBP has great reviews on Amazon. P.S. I like adding a little yogurt frosting to the toes to enhance the paw shape!

paw print cookie cutter

3) Customized Dog Paw

On Amazon, you can also have your dog’s name written on your cookie cutter. This plastic cutter by CookieCutterKingdom gets 5-stars from reviewers!

custom paw print

4) Dog Face

I love the floppy ears!!! This 3.5″ cookie cutter is great for cutting through dough. Get it on Amazon!

dog face cookie cutter

5) Dog House

This 3.5″ dog house is another popular cookie cutter. 

dog house cookie cutter

6) Fire Hydrant

This 3″ fire hydrant cookie cutter is another one of my favorites! Get it on Amazon!

fire hydrant cookie cutter

7) Pick Your Dog’s Breed


lab dalmation





8) Silicone Cake Molds 

Fill this silicone cake mold with yogurt and then pop it in the freezer for a great summer treat! It’s also perfect for our pup cakes (featured in our FREE Proud Dog recipe e-book)!