MUST WATCH: Incredible Dog Performs Ballet

This dance performance by a woman and her dog will make your jaw drop! Seriously, it’s one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen.

Sandra Roth, a ballet and jazz dancer with more than 24 years of experience, and her precious pooch Lizzy have been dance partners for years. They started practicing their tricks and freestyle moves when Lizzy was just a puppy. While Sandra says it wasn’t easy at first, judging by their performance at “The Open European HTM & Freestyle Championship,” all of their hard work has paid off.

In the video below, you see the dynamic duo gracefully nail every move during their 3 1/2 minute choreographed routine. Lizzy’s ability to remember each step, paw point, and twirl with such confidence is super impressive. Whoever said dogs don’t have great memories clearly hasn’t met Lizzy. 

“Freestyle and HTM combine my two hobbies (or passions): dogs and dance. So this is the perfect sport for us. And Lizzy gets more and more confident and our relationship has improved a lot. She is also starting to enjoy the attention by the audience.” – Roth

Watch Sandra and Lizzy In Action In This Amazing Video

I highly recommend watching the entire video as Lizzy’s footwork just gets more and more impressive as the performance goes on!