Must See: 11 Dogs That Look Like Their Owners

Have you ever been told that you look like your dog? I have a few times. I always take it as a compliment because I think my dogs are absolutely gorgeous 🙂 I mean, who wouldn’t want to look like their best furry friend? They’re adorable! 

Well, it turns out, a lot of people resemble their pets. Researchers have even studied it! In one 2009 study, people were able to match up random dogs and their owners simply by looking at pictures of their faces. According to researchers, participants made correct matches at a rate significantly higher than chance. Fascinating! You can read more about that study here.  

Now that you know science says we look like our pooches, check out these 11 dogs that look like their owners:

1) Well, Hello There Blondies!

Dogs that look like their owners 1

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2) Is It Almost Lunch Time?

dogs that look like their owners 2

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3) “Let’s Go Play In The Mud, Buddy!”

dogs that look like their owners 3

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4) These Two Are Meant For Eachother 

dogs that look like their owners 4

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5) “Thanks For Letting Me Borrow Your Hair Straightener, Mom”


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6) Twins 

dogs that look like their owners 6

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7) Mom Just Needs Some Bows


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8) Identical Haircuts 

dogs that look like their owners 8

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9) From The Eyes To The Hair … It’s Like Looking Into A Mirror

dogs that look like their owners

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10) So Much Red Hair For One Little Picture


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11) Matching Sun Visors!


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