MUST SEE: Puppy Attacks His Own Hiccups


Puppies are always entertaining to watch. Seriously, they can chase their own tail and we think it’s the most adorable thing ever (which, by the way, it is the most adorable thing ever)! As puppies explore the world for the first time, it’s fascinating to see how they react to all of the new experiences they face on a daily basis. You really need to carry around a camera and be ready to press record at any moment. Thank goodness this proud dog parent had his camera rolling when his 2-month old puppy named Buck discovered what hiccups are! 

Buck is completely caught off guard by his first hiccup. You can see the confused look written all over his precious face! After the second one comes along, though, he decides he wants nothing to do with the evil hiccups. So he starts barking and tries to attack them!

The short, 15-second video clip is taking the internet by storm. Watch Buck try to attack his own hiccups here:

Via Matthew Kennelly/ YouTube

While Buck’s hiccups have surely passed by now, his pure cuteness certainly hasn’t. I could watch this little guy all day!