It's time—February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day! Find out how the top 7 ways you can celebrate and honor your furry loved one!

7 Ways To Celebrate National Love Your Pet Day

It’s time—February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day!

Did you even know that there was such a day?

Well, move over Valentine’s Day because this one belongs to the pets. For me, it’s all about my canine companions. For others, it may be about dogs, cats, ferrets, or any other little critter that made his way into your heart and family.

No matter who you’re celebrating with, make it fun. Okay … I know what you are probably thinking. “Cute, but I have no time for this.” Trust me, I understand that most of us don’t have much spare time. Add that to the fact that Fido won’t even know it’s February 20th/ National Love Your Pet Day. But, if you decide to celebrate the day, he will know there’s something extra special happening.

So, let’s get this party started!

Ways To Celebrate National Love Your Pet Day

1. Treats

What’s a holiday without a special treat? No need to run out to the pet store to buy anything. Just head to the pantry, grab some natural ingredients, and bake a batch of homemade DIY dog snacks. I’ve included a couple of recipes for you to try. Don’t worry if you aren’t a culinary master. My recipes are always easy to make. Plus, your canine kids won’t care if they come out picture perfect. They’ll just love the taste! So get ready for some wagging tails and messy thank you kisses.

2. Go For A Walk

You may be saying, “But I go for a walk every day.” Well, if you do then make today’s stroll a little more special. Slow it down a bit to let your pooch smell new smells, see new things, and just be with you. Take a different route than you normally do. Go to the park, lake, beach or any other safe dog-friendly places convenient to you. It’s a win-win for both of you and makes your bond stronger as well.

3. DIY Interactive Toys

I don’t know about your pups, but mine love interactive toys. I find that when I don’t leave things out for them to play with, they tend to lay around and sleep more. Interactive toys help to keep them alert and stimulated. You can easily make your own interactive toys from things you already have in your home. Here is one simple DIY puzzle project—you’ll love how quick, easy, and cheap it is.

4. Play Date

Does your pooch have a special friend who he likes to play with? If so, why not whip up a batch of treats from one of the above recipes, invite him over with his canine parent, and make an afternoon of it. The dogs can play, you can socialize, and you’ll all have a memorable day.

5. Training Session

Teach your pooch a new trick or, in case you’ve let the training thing slip by you, teach him his first trick. And, yes, even old dogs can learn new tricks.

Training sessions should be kept short and fun. At first, you may be thinking, training is not fun for my pooch. But, think again! Training can actually be a blast for Fido. When you and your canine kids are in a training session, not only does he have your absolute undivided attention, he’s also getting treats, smiles, and praise. For your canine kids, it doesn’t get any better than that combo.

6. Help Out The Shelter Dogs

No, I’m not suggesting that you go and adopt a shelter dog. Although, that’s always a wonderful thing to do. I’m suggesting you bringing something down to the shelter that a less fortunate pooch can benefit from. 

Often times, shelters are working on limited resources and donations are greatly appreciated. While it’s best to pick up the phone and ask the staff at your area shelter what’s on their “wish list,” here are some items that all shelters typically need:

  • Towels
  • Blankets and linens
  • Dog/cat beds
  • Newspaper
  • Crates
  • Collars
  • Leashes
  • Brushes
  • Cleaning supplies

7. Be A Hero – Rescue Or Foster

This is not for everyone, but if your situation allows fostering and rescuing is a heroic, life-saving act. Shelters are filled with dogs and cats who are looking for a loving home. If this is something that you’ve thought about, but never acted on, maybe National Love Your Pet Day is the time consider it again.

No matter what you decide to do on National Love Your Pet Day, take a minute to give your pooch some extra lovin’ and an extra special hug. It’s easy to overlook all the things that Fido does for us on a daily basis. While we think it’s only us serving them, research proves they also help us emotionally, medically, and socially. So, give them some extra love and have a Happy National Love Your Pet Day!