FREE DOWNLOAD: Printable Vet Records Keeper

While I have a smartphone, I’m the type of girl who carries around a physical day planner. I seriously couldn’t live without my day planner. Not only does it help me schedule my upcoming weeks, but I can also easily look back at things I did months ago. For example, doctor/vet appointments. I cannot stress how important it is to keep records of your pup’s vet appointments. Knowing when they need their next checkup or booster shot is crucial in keeping them healthy. You also need to keep track of their regular medications (heartworm/flea/tick). That’s not to mention, you should keep a list of your pet’s allergies in case of emergency. The point here is – keeping health and vet records organized and close by is important. That’s why I’ve created a special, printable vet records keeper for you.

This free printable has three pages: vet records, general pet info, and notes. Before you press “download,” here is a sneak peak at what you’re getting:

vet records preview


Not only are these printable vet records helpful for you, they also come in handy for pet sitters. Your pet sitter (whether it’s someone you hire or a family member) should know if they need to give your pooch any medications while you’re away. They should also know your vet’s phone number and address in case of emergency. So if you’re ever going on vacation and leaving your pooch behind, make sure to provide these documents to your sitter.