How To Remove Pet Hair From Every Surface

Since I grew up with poodles, I’ve never had to deal with shedding. There was never pet hair on my clothes, couches, carpets, or car seats. That is, until now. Today, along with raising a toy Poodle, I also have a little shedding Chihuahua. My shedding Chihuahua, Diego, is white. Since I like to wear a lot of black clothes, let’s just say the lint roller has become my best friend! Diego doesn’t only shed on my clothes. Since he likes to sleep under the covers, my bed sheets get coated with his hair. When I vacuum my rugs, I notice how much pet hair sits on my carpets. Depending on the weather, my little man could literally shed enough hair to make me a sweater. 

Okay … I don’t want to make it sound like I live under a pile of my little man’s hair. I do clean! I just clean more often now than I used to. Since I’m not the only one on the planet cleaning up pet hair, I figured I would share this awesome infographic by Neato Robotics. It offers some helpful cleaning tips to easily remove pet hair from every surface.  


Note: I have never used a pumice stone on my car’s seat cushions. If you plan on trying that tip, make sure to be very careful. If you’re too nervous to use a pumice stone on your seats (like I am), you can simply try the rubber glove trick instead.