Review: Carlson Pet Products Deluxe Pet Pen

Sponsored by: Carlson Pet Products

Rewind to exactly one year ago. I was on the hunt for a quality playpen for my Chihuahua, Diego, and toy Poodle, Gigi. I needed a collapsible pen that would easily fit in my car for afternoon trips to the park. And I also wanted the freedom to use it indoors. That’s when I stumbled across Carlson Pet Products. After using their 6-panel pet pen for an entire year, I’m beyond excited to be teaming up with the company to introduce their deluxe version!

*Plus, we’re giving away a 6-Panel Deluxe Pet Pen to one lucky winner! Keep reading to find out how you can enter for a chance to win.

A Look At Carlson Pet Products’ Deluxe Pet Pen

My Favorite Features

Easy Setup & Takedown – This packable and portable pet pen is a cinch to set up. Seriously, it takes about two seconds. Just get a good grip on the side panels, spread your arms to pop it open, and step on the footbar to secure!

Strong and Sturdy – The Carlson Pet Products Pet Pen is made with a durable metal framing that keeps each panel standing tall!

Quality Mesh Walls – So I know what you’re thinking: “The second I put my dog inside this pet pen, he’ll put his paws on the mesh walls and rip them right open.” Well, I’m happy to report that my pups’ little daggers haven’t even ripped one stitch! The mesh is high quality. Plus, I love the visibility and breathability it provides.

Water-Resistant Mesh Flooring – Not only are the walls made of mesh but so is the flooring. The best part? It’s water-resistant, so your pup’s playtime won’t be ruined by dewy grass!

Doggy Door – In one of the panels, there’s a little doggy door that you can keep open or zip shut. When I’m at the park or lake, I keep my doggy door closed. But, I love having the option.

Full Coverage Canopy – Say bye bye to the bugs and harmful UV rays. If you’re using the pet pen outside, simply attach the canopy to protect your pooch from mosquitos (and other flying bugs) and the strong sun (did you know dogs can get sunburn too?).

Zip-Open Canopy Door – So you attached the canopy and now you need to pull your dog out for a quick potty break. Here’s the good news: Rather than having to remove the canopy, just use the convenient zipper door!

Comes In Two Sizes

I personally have the 6-panel pet pen and find there’s plenty of room for my two small dogs to move around and play. I usually fill it up with blankets and toys. But, if you need more room then you’ll be happy to hear they also have an 8-panel option!

  • 6-Panel Dimensions: 48” W x 26” H
  • 8-Panel Dimensions: 62” W x 26” H


How I Use My Pet Pen


Sometimes when I’m at the park, lake, or beach, I just want to relax vs holding doggy leashes. So, when I want to kick back, I pop open the pet pen and let my dogs play inside. Of course, I keep the pen right next to me so they’re always supervised. But I feel comfortable knowing they’re safe inside!


If you’re a regular reader here at Proud Dog Mom then you probably know I’m really close with my mom. In fact, she’s my business partner and helps me run this blog. Anyway, she comes to my house a few times a week and usually brings her dog, Pippa. May I say, Pippa is the biggest love bug, but a huge TROUBLEMAKER! So, if Pippa is over and we can’t keep an eye on her then into the pet pen she goes. Honestly, she loves it in there!

Also …

Pet pens are wonderful for new puppy parents who are trying to train their dogs. When potty training your young puppy, it’s important to remember that he doesn’t have full control over his bladder just yet. Also, he doesn’t know how to communicate his urge to urinate. So, it will be up to you to be on the lookout for clues that he needs to go outside. If you can’t watch him then you can confine him in a crate or pet pen until you can.

GIVEAWAY: Win One For Your Pooch!

I’m partnering with Carlson Pet Products to give one pet parent a 6-panel deluxe pet pen! To enter for a chance to win: 

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