Service Dog vs Emotional Support Dog vs Therapy Dog

We recently wrote a blog post on the Top 3 Things You Need To Know About Therapy Dogs. We got some great feedback and a few people even sent us photos of their therapy dogs working at reading centers and hospitals (a big thanks for those photos – they always make us smile)! In my opinion, therapy dogs are AMAZING! But did you know they’re not the only type of “assistance animal” out there?

Chances are you’ve seen dogs walking through restaurants and stores dressed in work vests. These dogs are service dogs. To put it simply, they’re trained to help people with disabilities.

A third type of assistance animal is an “emotional support dog.” These pooches offer therapeutic benefits through companionship. 

Service Dog vs Emotional Support Dog vs Therapy Dog

All three types of assistance animals offer the world a wonderful range of services. With several different titles, though, many people get confused about what role each dog plays. That’s why my good friends over at Orvis put together this awesome infographic! It highlights the differences between a service dog, emotional support dog, and therapy dog. I definitely learned a lot and hope you do too!

Is That a Real Service Dog?

Is That a Real Service Dog? Developed by Orvis.