With a few basic kitchen tools, you'll be whipping up dog treats in no time! Some of these supplies are must-haves, others will just make your life easier!

Baking Dog Treats 102: Must-Have Supplies

If you’re reading this then I’m guessing you’ve decided to make your own dog treats (or you’re seriously considering it). Bravo to you! You’ve made a smart and healthy choice for your fur baby. Did I mention that homemade dog treats are so darn easy to make? With a few basic kitchen tools, you’ll be whipping up batches of dog treats in no time. Some of the following supplies are must-haves, while others will just make your time in the kitchen a whole lot easier! I’ve linked to the exact brands that I use – but these are just suggestions. 

  • OXO Oven Thermometer  – Since everyone’s oven is different, I encourage you to use an oven thermometer to ensure accuracy. While I’ve tried a few different kinds, OXO is one of my absolute favorite brands when it comes to kitchen tools. 
  • OXO Mixing Bowls – I always buy mixing bowls in sets of three so I can have a small, medium, and large. While I also have a glass set, I usually use these OXO mixing bowls that feature a non-slip base and hand grip. They’re BPA-free and dishwasher safe. 
  • OXO 2 Cup Liquid Measuring Cup – What makes this liquid measuring cup different than others is the patented angled surface, which also lets you read measurements from above (so there’s no need to crouch down, check, and adjust). I’m also a huge fan of the comfortable hand grip. 
  • OXO Dry Measuring Cups 6-Piece Set – Measuring cups are a definite must when baking homemade dog treats. I love this set by OXO because it includes 2/3 and 3/4 cup measurements for convenience—I get a lot of use out of those. 
  • OXO Measuring Spoons – Aside from liking my measuring spoons to visually match my measuring cups, these OXO spoons come in 7 different measurements.
  • OXO Whisk – This whisk features a comfortable grip and durable stainless steel wires, which really comes in handy when working with thicker batters!
  • Good Cook Classic Wooden Rolling Pin – There are several different types of rolling pins on the market, but I personally love one with handles. I find them easier to work with. While I have both a plastic and classic wooden rolling pin stored in my kitchen cabins, I tend to favor my classic wooden pin. In my opinion, it feels more durable.
  • Reynolds Parchment Paper Single Sheets – I stock up on Reynolds parchment paper rolls and single sheets. But I find the single sheets way cleaner and easier! 
  • Silicone Baking Mat – I tend to bake on parchment paper and use a silicone mat on my counter when rolling dough to create a non-slip surface. Truly, any baking mat will do. But this set of two mats is both durable and affordable.
  • Rachael Ray Baking Sheets (Set Of 3) – This set of non-stick baking sheets is a #1 seller on Amazon and I can see why. Along with the great quality, I like that three come in a set. Since the majority of my biscuit recipes make enough to fill two baking sheets, it’s always nice to have multiple on hand.
  • Cooling Rack – When you pull your treats out of the oven, you will want to transfer them to a wire rack to cool. This 10″ x 16″ rack by Baker’s Secret is perfect!
  • Wilton Mini Muffin Tins – Even if you have a large dog, baking treats in a mini-muffin tin creates a nice portion size. I stock up on Wilton brand since they’re non-stick and affordable. 
  • Wilton 4-Set Dog Shape Cookie Cutters (Larger Size)  – This was the first dog-themed cookie cutter set I purchased after deciding to make homemade treats. And it’s still one of my go-to sets today! 
  • R&M Mini Dog Bone Cookie Cutter – The dog bone that came in my Wilton set (above) creates a great medium-size treat, but I also like to keep a mini one on hand since I have two small dogs. I find the R&M brand is durable and great quality. 
  • Mini Paw Print Silicone Baking Mold – I use my K9 Cakery silicone molds regularly when making pup cakes, puppy frittatas, and other dog-approved quiches. After using this mold for about two years, I’m happy to report that it’s still in great shape. It doesn’t stain and is safe in heat up to 450ºF. 
  • Mini Bone Silicone Baking Mold – So I have some variety, I also give my K9 Cakery bone a good workout! 

Happy baking!