8 Signs Your Dog Loves You

Have you ever wondered if your dog loves you as much as you love him/her? There’s no shame in questioning it. I’ve wondered it before too. I actually think it’s a natural thing to wonder about since they can’t come right out and tell us. 

If you’re like me, though, you do everything in your power to make your dog happy. You take your little one on walks, play fetch, play tug-of-war, and sneak treats! There’s no doubt that you love your dog. But despite all of that, does your dog love you? 

The answer is most likely a big fat YES! Dogs are man’s best friend (or should I say woman’s best friend)! They are extremely loyal and loving. If you want to put your mind at ease, though, there are a few signs you can look for to see if your dog does in fact love you. 

8 Signs Your Dog Loves You

1) Tail Wagging

Dogs usually wag their tails when they’re excited. Generally, the more excited a dog is, the more aggressive the wag will be. Have you ever come home and witnessed your dog wagging his tail so hard that his entire butt is wiggling? That is love right there! 

2) Follows You Around

Does your dog act like your shadow? Does he follow you anywhere and everywhere (even to the bathroom)? This is a sign of devotion, love, and affection.

3) Plays and Roughhouses With You

Roughhousing is a dog’s most natural way of playing. When your dog plays with you, he’s showing you affection and wants to bond with you!

4) Jumps On You

While it’s not a trait humans generally encourage, when your dog jumps on you, he’s showing you affection. 

5) Sleeps Next To You 

Dogs are technically a subspecies of wolves, and in the wild, wolves sleep huddled together in packs. It helps them keep warm and feel safe. Well, just like wolves in the wild, dogs are pack animals and like to sleep huddled together. If your dog sleeps near you, take that as a sign that he’s comfortable and sees you as family. 

6) Leans On You

When a dog leans against you, he is doing two things – he’s showing you affection and he’s asking you for affection. So if your dog leans on you, take a minute to show him some love!

7) Smiles

Yes … dogs smile too. Have you ever taken your dog to the park or gone for a long walk and noticed your dog smiling? I love seeing my dogs smile. Check out this picture. It’s from one of my trips to White Sands, New Mexico. I went with my mom and her toy poodle, Tina. I’m holding my little man, Diego. (This was taken before I got my second dog, Gigi, who is featured in the photo above)

Now, these are big dog smiles:

signs your dog loves you 2

Researchers have found that dogs use many facial expressions in similar ways to humans. So if you notice your dog smiling, take that as a sign of happiness. 

8) Comes To You After He Eats

According to researcher and author Gregory Berns, dogs live in the moment. So when food is around, it’s natural for them to leave you and want to chow down. But once they’re done licking their chops, you should be their priority. If you are, take that as a sign of love! 

Sooo … does your dog show you he loves you? 

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