9 Toys Perfect For Dogs Recovering From Surgery

Has your dog ever had surgery? If so, then you know how emotionally and physically draining it is for them. As if a routine visit to the vet’s office isn’t traumatic enough for our fur babies, time under the knife requires them to go under anesthesia and wake up feeling extremely uncomfortable. Ouch! 

Along with wearing that annoying cone around their neck, dogs can feel a bit bored during the recovery process. I know my little ones tried to run around and play within just a day of their spay and neuter. It was my job to keep them calm and make sure they were getting enough rest. While you certainly don’t want to rile up your pup after surgery, it’s still important to keep him/her mentally stimulated.

So how the heck can you do that?

Well, my friends over at TTPM Pets spoke with a vet and put together this infographic highlighting nine toys that are perfect for dogs recovering from surgery. Just a quick word of advice – since every surgery and procedure is different, it’s always best to double check with your vet!

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Post-Orthopedic Surgery Toys

Post-Spay/ Neuter Surgery Toys

Restricted Exercise Toys