Are you a two-legged human with a four-legged shadow? If you're a dog parent then I'm pretty sure you know exactly what I'm talking about! Find out the most common reasons your dog follows you everywhere!

Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere?

Are you a two-legged human with a four-legged shadow? If you’re a dog parent then I’m pretty sure you know exactly what I’m talking about! Whether it’s 3 a.m. and you’re stumbling off to the bathroom or 3 p.m. and you’re doing laundry—your pooch is probably right there beside you. So the question is: Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere? Well, there are a few reasons! Read on for the most common explanations.

1. He Loves You

To your pooch, you are the most beautiful, wonderful, exciting, entertaining, and any other complimentary adjective you can think of. You feed him, take care of him, and make sure all his needs are met. So, he loves you! To your little furball, the sun rises and sets on you, and he wants to be as close to you as he can. You are his security! 

2. Dogs Are Social Beings

Dogs are pack animals and they are happiest/most secure when their pack is intact. From the time you brought your pooch home and made him a part of your family, he made you part of his pack.

3. It’s Inborn

If you’ve ever observed a litter of puppies moving around in their whelping box, you may have noticed they tend to stick close together. The inborn instinct typically leads them on the path right back to their momma so they can drink! Sounds like a survival behavior to me. Did you know that puppies are actually blind when they are born? They don’t open their eyes for about two weeks. Even then, it can take another couple of weeks until their eyes are fully functioning visually. Mother nature always amazes me—the miracle of life and how these pups instinctually know exactly what they need to do.

4. R&R: Rewards & Reinforcement

Chances are, when your pooch follows you around, he knows something really good is going to happen at some point. How does he know? Well, because you reinforce it all the time! You might toss him a yummy a treat, pat him on the head, extend your arms out for a quick belly rub, or even engage in some silly conversation that gets your canine companion all excited. It doesn’t matter what type of attention you give him, to your pooch it’s a big reward.

5. He May Need To Go Out

If Fido is following you around but seems a little fidgety and uncomfortable then he may need to relieve himself. Take this as a cue especially if your pooch doesn’t know how to ask for potty (AKA backyard) access yet.

6. Not Feeling Well

If your pooch is following you around but doesn’t seem like his normal, happy self then he may not be feeling good. Be alert to any changes that would indicate a vet visit.

The bottom line is that most healthy well-adjusted pooches just enjoy following us humans around—it’s as simple as that.