16 DIY Dog Projects Your Fur Baby Will Thank You For

Dog toys, beds, clothes, collars, and bowls — release your inner creative side and check out these 16 DIY dog projects your fur baby will thank you for. Not only will your dog love his new prizes, you will save some money!

While scrolling through this list, it’s important to keep your dog’s personality in mind. Some of these DIY dog toys may not be suitable for destructive dogs or dogs that attempt to swallow everything. I personally have two little guys who love all of these. But if you have a larger dog, you may want to skip #3 and #4.


1) Turn A Recycled Shirt Into A Tug-Of-War Toy

DIY Dog Projects

Via Craftbits

DIRECTIONS: Cut an old t-shirt into 20 pieces. Each piece should be 1 inch x 20 inches. Separate the pieces into 2 sections of 10. Then twist the 2 sections together. Tie a large (very tight) knot at each end (like shown in the photo above).

2) Add A Tennis Ball For Extra Fun

DIY Dog 2

Via With My Camera

DIRECTIONS: Carefully cut holes into the ends of a tennis ball. Next, make the tug-of-war toy (from #1), but before you tie off one end of the rope, slide the tennis ball to the middle.

3) Use An Old Sweater And Empty Water Bottle To Create This Crinkle Toy

DIY Dog 3

Via Irresistible Pets

DIRECTIONS: Cut the arm off of an old sweater. Stuff it with an empty water bottle. Then, tie a knot on each end of the bottle. Cut fringe at each end of the toy. Lastly, tie knots at the end of each strip of fringe.

4) Your Dog Will Be Busy For Hours With This Treat Stuffed DIY Dog Toy

DIY Dog 4

Via Leopold’s Crate

DIRECTIONS: Cut felt or an old shirt into strips. Roll a training treat in each fabric strip. Stuff the strips into a Hol-ee Roller Toy (they sell them at PetSmart).


5) Vintage Suitcase Dog Bed

DIY Dog 5

Via Mox and Fodder

DIRECTIONS: Detach the top of a hard-shell vintage suitcase. You may need a screwdriver or a hammer for this step. Next, cover a pillow with a sham and place it in the suitcase. Tuck the corners and place your new dog bed wherever you think it looks the best!

6) DIY Pet Sweater Bed

DIY Dog 6ADIY Dog 6

Via Empress of Dirt


7) Turn An Old Table Into An Elaborate Pet Bed

DIY Dog 7

Via My So Called Crafty Life

DIRECTIONS: Paint an old table whatever color you’d like. Turn the table upside down and place a pillow inside. Decorate your “dog bed” however you’d like!

8) DIY Basic Dog Bed (You Will Need To Sew For This One)

DIY Dog 8

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9) Turn An Old Sweater Sleeve Into A Dog Shirt


Via Indulgy

10) Turn A Baby Onesie Into A Puppy Shirt


Via DIY Ready

11) Turn Old Cargo Pants Into A Dog Cargo Vest

DIY Dog 11

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12) Doggie Bow Tie


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13) Fabric Collar

DIY Dog 13

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14) Paracord Collar

DIY Dog 14

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15) Easy DIY Pet Bowl Stand

DIY Dog 15

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16) Turn An Old, Large  Cookie Tin Into Beautiful Place To Store Your Dog’s Food

DIY Dog 16

Via Tidy Mom