How To Bathe Your Dog In 8 Steps (Infographic)

Oh, bath time. It’s definitely not my dog’s favorite time! They always know when I start running the bath water, grab a fluffy towel, put some treats on the countertop, and call their names. My chihuahua’s ears, which are enormous and usually stand very tall, immediately fold down. My poodle just stands there and puts her head down. I can just imagine what they are thinking: “MOM … but I don’t wanna!!!”  

While bath time may not be fun, it’s extremely important to keep your pooch clean! As strange as it may sound, though, a lot of dog parents don’t bathe their pet “correctly.” For example, did you know that you can actually over-bathe your dog? I found that one out the hard way when my vet told me I was drying out my chihuahua’s skin by giving him a bath once a week.

So, how often should you bathe your dog? 

In general, once a month is fine. If your dog has oily skin and gets dirty often, though, then you will need to pop him in the tub more frequently. 

Check out the following infographic for more tips on how to properly bathe your dog:

how to bathe your dog infographic 1

After your dog’s bath is over, why not brush his teeth and give him a quick nail trim? For tips on trimming your pup’s nails, click here! Plus, find out the top four ways you can keep your dog’s teeth clean here!