A Mini Guide To Puppy Proof Your House

Welcoming a puppy into your home is always an exciting time. I remember when I brought my first dog, Diego, home. I can still picture the first time his little paws hit the carpet. He ran from room to room exploring everything. I had filled a doggy bed with plush toys (which is still in the corner of my living room). Oh, boy, did my little man enjoy that. Last year, I got to experience that joy once again when I brought my little girl, Gigi, home!

If you’ve ever had a dog before then you know they like to explore … A LOT! That’s why, along with filling your home with things they need and love, you also need to clean up your entire house. Your floors need to be spick-and-span. Your garbage can needs to be closed. Cleaning products need to be put away. You may also need to kiss some plants goodbye. 

Think of your dog as a newborn baby. Just like a baby, your fur kid will put anything in his mouth and has no clue how much trouble he can get himself into! Check out this great infographic by Trade Price Tiles to help you pet proof your entire house. 

puppy proof infographic

Via Trade Price Tiles