I recently interviewed the amazing Ashley Gray -- a veterinarian in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Watch as I ask her your top dog health questions!

Asking a Veterinarian Your Dog Health Questions!

If you could speak to a veterinarian right now and pick their brain about any dog health-related topic, what would you ask? 

I recently asked you guys this question and you came back with some amazing topics — including allergies, fleas and ticks, hot spots, lumps (& knowing when it’s time to get checked), titers vs boosters, tear stains, and nutrition. So, today, I connected with a veterinarian to answer your top questions. Meet the amazing Ashley Gray, DVM — a veterinarian in the Charlotte, North Carolina area and author of Becoming a Millenial Veterinarian: Secrets to Success by a Fellow Millennial Vet

In case you missed our Live Instagram segment where she answered your dog health-related questions, watch the replay now. It’s filled with lots of great knowledge, advice, and tips.

Watch The Live: Answering Your Dog Health Questions