Dog Adoption: The Numbers Behind The Need (Infographic)

If you follow my blog then you know I’m completely obsessed with my two dogs — Diego and Gigi. While I’ve shared my training stories, health advice, and treat recipes, I’ve never told you guys how they came into my life. I met Diego when he was just a few months old. He was so tiny and could fit in just one of my hands. I had been looking for a Chihuahua for a while and didn’t seem to “click” with any that I was meeting. Until I met Diego. His previous family only had him for a few weeks, but they already knew they didn’t want the responsibility. Their loss was truly my gain. 

Gigi sort of fell into my family. Her breeder passed away when she was a young pup and her good friend (who happened to be one of my boyfriend’s co-workers) was trying to re-home her. We brought her home before she was forced into the local shelter. 

My friends over at Orvis teamed up with The Petfinder Foundation to put together this powerful infographic. If you are thinking of adoption (or have already adopted) then this is a definite must read:  

Pet Adoption: The Numbers Behind the Need

Pet Adoption: The Numbers Behind the Need: Developed by Orvis.