As the countdown to Halloween begins, are you looking for some great dog costume inspo? Check out this list of dog Halloween costumes that fit all sizes!

Top 15 Dog Halloween Costumes

Whether you’re going for cute, funny, sexy, or spooky, who doesn’t love playing dress up come Halloween?! As I feverishly figure out what costume to wear while handing out candy to my new neighborhood kiddos, it has me thinking: What are my dogs going to be? After three consecutive years as Batman and Batgirl, I think it’s time to retire their costumes and get some new holiday gear! If you’re also looking for some dog Halloween costume inspiration, check out these great ideas! 

Dog Halloween Costumes

1. UPS Pet Pal

With all the packages that have been delivered to my door since my recent move, this UPS Driver costume definitely caught my eye. 

Sizes: XS-L 

2. Cowboy Rider 

Does it get any cuter than this? Ride em’ Fido!

Sizes: S-L

3. Cowboy

I’m totally in love with this cowboy costume too. Can you just picture your pooch strutting down the street with this getup on? So cute!

Sizes: XS-L

4. Business Suit 

Get down to business this Halloween with this conservative yet spiffy doggy business suit. 

Size: XS-L

5. Vampire 

Even though Fido won’t be sucking any blood this Halloween – this Vampire costume will be pawsitively haunting!

Sizes: XS

6. Witch

What would Halloween be without a FeFe witch? Dress your little girl to impress on Halloween night. 

Sizes: S-L

7. Wonder Woman 

Or dress your pooch up to be the superhero you know her to be!

Sizes: M-XL

8. Lion

This lion’s mane is a definite favorite of mine. I love how something so simple can transform into such an impressive costume. Pop the mane on Fido’s head and have a roaring great Halloween.

Sizes: For M-L dogs

9. Shark

Lookout jaws, here comes Fido. This is one of the cutest costumes out there. 

Sizes: S-XXXL

10. Pink Dinosaur 

Very much like the shark above, this dino suit makes the most adorable pawty costume for FeFe.

Sizes: XS-M

11. Panda 

Gotta love this. This adorable costume was seen on Shark Tank and comes in your choice of 4 animals. You can order it as a Panda, Bunny, Lion, or Teddy Bear. Awesome!

Sizes: XS-L 

12. Skeleton 

Simple yet adorable! Dress your pooch in this skeleton onesie for a fun and festive Halloween.

Sizes: S-XL

13. Pumpkin 

Nothing says Halloween and the entire Fall season quite like a pumpkin. Put a big smile on your face as you dress your fur kid in this adorable jack-o-lantern costume!

Sizes: XS-XL

14. Bumble Bee

This has always been a favorite bark-worthy Halloween costume. I love it more every year. I actually have the human version of this costume for myself. Dress your little one up for a buzzing good time.

Sizes: S-L

15. Sushi

What more can I say? lol

Sizes: S-L

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