Dog parents are a special breed of human! So, why not take a moment to honor a dog mom with a little something special this Dog Mom's Day?!

Gift Guide: 5 Gifts For National Dog Mom’s Day

You’ve heard of Mother’s Day, but what about Dog Mom’s Day? Yup, it’s a real thing and the national holiday is quickly approaching.

On Saturday, May 11th (AKA the day before Mother’s Day), dog moms will celebrate the second National Dog Mom’s Day. So, get ready to see your Instagram flooded with precious pics of pooches with the hashtag #DogMomsDay.

A Little Backstory

The holiday was founded in 2018 by the team behind the dog-friendly dating app Dig. They created a petition and submitted the idea to the National Day Calendar. The response? Overwhelming, to say the least! News stations report it was one of only 30 days approved that year (out of 20,000 submissions).

Gift Guide

If you ask us here at Proud Dog Mom, dog parents are a special breed of human! So, on this new holiday, why not take a moment to honor a dog mom with a little something special? Here are some gift ideas!

Wine Glass

All dog moms deserve a break! So, why not gift a bottle of wine with an adorable dog-themed wine glass? While there are a lot of options out there, here are a few that really caught my eye! In order from left to right, these glasses have funny sayings like: “In Dog Wines, I’ve Only Had One“, “I Love You Long Time“, and “Pardon My Frenchie“.

Sterling Silver Ring (Gives Shelter Pups A Second Chance)

Dogs and jewelry are both a woman’s best friend! And this sterling silver ring isn’t only gorgeous (it features a beautiful paw-shaped “lock” at one end and a key shape at the other), but it also helps free shelter pets in a bad situation.

As part of the Second Chance Movement collection, proceeds from each purchase helps to “facilitate the transportation of adoptable pets from areas of low demand to areas of high demand. Many of these innocent pets are on death row and would have been put to sleep in just a few days if they were not rescued.”

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Cute Dog-Themed Shirts

One of my favorites from the iHeartDog shop is this tank that features dogs doing various yoga poses! It comes in 9 colors and proceeds of each shirt sold helps to feed 7 shelter pups in need.

Shop Dog Yoga Shirt

Proud Dog Chef Cookbook

This one is for the dog parent who loves to cook! The Proud Dog Chef cookbook is filled with 60 gluten-free, grain-free, and dog-approved recipes that are bound to make even the pickiest dog’s tail wag. With careful attention to nutrition, it was written for the dog parent who is ready to leave behind questionable ingredients and red flag preservatives — because our dogs deserve it!

Memorable Picture Frame

Do dedicated dog moms really love anything more than pictures of their dog? We didn’t think so! Print out a picture of the dog/dog mom you’re honoring and put it in a fun frame! Amazon has a lot of cute picture frames that you can Prime to your house with ease. Here are a few:

Happy National Dog Mom’s Day!