Top 11 Dog Puzzles Your Pooch Will Love

Game night, anyone? Dog puzzles and interactive games are a definite must-have for so many reasons. One of the biggest benefits is mental stimulation. Puzzles designed specifically for dogs will challenge your canine kid, putting his/her brain to good use. If you have time to join your furbaby and play along, it creates a wonderful bonding experience. Trust me, you will be so proud of your pooch once he figures out and solves the puzzle. On the flip side, if you’re busy working on the computer or whipping up a meal in the kitchen, dog puzzles can keep your little one occupied and out of trouble for hours!

How Dog Puzzles Work 

While the following games are all slightly different and offer various challenge levels, they all have one thing in commonyou hide treats somewhere in the puzzle and your dog has to figure out how to get them out. If you don’t have any homemade dog biscuits on hand, you can simply use a chopped up carrot, diced up apple, cut up strawberries, little cheese cubes, or another one of your pup’s favorite snacks. If you feed your dog kibble, you can even use that!

Top 11 Dog Puzzles Your Pooch Will Love

1) The Mad Scientist

This puzzle features three beakers that you fill with your pup’s favorite treats. As your dog paws at the beakers, they will spin around and turn upside down, allowing the treats to eventually fall onto the ground. This game comes with two different sets of patterned lids that you can mix and match to create an added challenge for your pooch.

Watch it in action: 

2) Windmill Toy

This puzzle is similar to #1 in the sense that it features numerous beakers that you fill with treats, but this time the puzzle is shaped like a windmill! Your pup has to paw at the beakers to make it spin around in a circle, eventually freeing the food you put inside! This is a great intro puzzle for your pup.

3) Gambling Tower

This is another great beginner game. Your dog earns treats by gently tugging on rope loops, which releases treats down and out of the bottom of the tube. For an added challenge, the game features extra hidden treat compartments at the base.

Watch it in action:

4) Seek-A-Treat

Think of this puzzle as hide-and-go-seek treats edition! The puzzle features various plastic flaps that hide treats and your pooch has to seek them. It’s bound to keep your dog busy for a long time.

5) Dog Activity Flip Board

This game is for intermediate canine players, but if your pooch gets really good you can easily bump up the challenge level. After hiding treats behind various lids and disks, your dog has to use knobs to free the food.

Watch it in action:

6) Dog Activity Chess

Checkmate! This game is just like chess, but doggy edition. A box filled with various covers and cones hide treats that your canine kid has to maneuver and find. The treats = the queen. This game requires a lot of concentration and problem-solving skills, so it’s not a beginner puzzle.

Watch it in action:

7) Smart Ball

Does your dog love chasing balls around the house or yard? If so, he’s going to LOVE this smart ball that dispenses treats as it rolls. You can change up the difficulty level as your dog learns how to free the food pieces. This particular ball comes in either 3″ or 4″ and is ideal for medium to large dogs.

8) Ball Maze

This game is very similar to #7, but rather than the treats simply releasing from the ball, they have to travel through a little maze first. It just adds to the difficulty.

9) Treat Maze

This treat maze rocks, bobs, and spins as your dog works to get the treats packed inside.

10) Brick Puzzle

There are 12 treat chambers in the puzzle and it’s bound to keep your pooch engaged for hours!

Watch it in action:

11) Chasing Hide and Seek Toys

Hidden under wooden cylinders are three pockets that you load up with treats. Your pooch has to use his paws to move the cylinders from side-to-side, exposing the reward. This simple concept will keep your pooch engaged and mentally stimulated.