Ask The Experts: How To Choose The Best Dog Shampoo

When I was a little girl, my parents went on the hunt for our first family Poodle. We were very fortunate to meet Joy Nachmias, a well-respected breeder, groomer, show exhibitor, and rescue group founder in Pennsylvania. Joy has truly dedicated her life to dogs. Today, along with running an award-winning grooming shop, she has developed her very own line of dog shampoo. To put it simply, she’s kind of a rockstar! 

Joy - Dog ShampooSince a lot of people ask me how to pick out the best shampoo for their precious pooch, I figured who better to ask than Joy?! Nearly two decades of professional grooming experience went into creating her very own shampoo line, B3 Salon Products. Joy’s line is specifically formulated to remove the harmful toxins our pets are exposed to on a daily basis. They’re also designed to provide pets proper skin and coat care. Since the launch of her American-made products, she’s become a best seller! 

Here is the advice Joy has for proud dog mom’s looking for the best dog shampoo out there (I had no idea about the tips she offers to my last question … very helpful):

Q: Is it important to use a dog shampoo vs a human shampoo and why?

A: It is important to use pet shampoos that are manufactured specifically for the appropriate pet mentioned on the product label. Human shampoo is made for people. Many human products are designed to perform a specific function with many added ingredients specifically formulated for frequent washing. Most pets are only washed monthly, if even that. It is important to think about what potential wax, lard, or oil ingredients might be deposited on your pets skin. Dogs do not sweat like people do, therefore product residue is important to consider.

Q: There are so many dog shampoo options available that shopping can get pretty overwhelming. Where should people start?

A: People need to think about what result they are looking for. It is best to make a list and stick to it. For example, do you want a cleaning shampoo, stain removing shampoo, anti-itch shampoo? Basically, you want a good shampoo that lathers and rinses well, specifically formulated for your pets needs. A great place to start your search is to consult with a professional groomer. Groomers shampoo pets for a living so they are familiar with what products are available, what products are preferred, and where to purchase them.

Q: Is it important to find a shampoo that is made specifically for your dog’s breed, coat type, and skin sensitivity level? Why?

A: Quality pet shampoo is not breed specific. It is important to pick a product that suits you and your pet in regard to sensitivity. Some shampoos are dye-free, fragrance-free and soap-free — this is a perfect alternative for a sensitive pet and owner. I like these types of hypo products as you can have fun and add ingredients from home. You can add colloidal oatmeal for a pet that has skin issues. You can add course sugar to make a gentle exfoliating sugar scrub.

Q: Are there any ingredients that dog parents should avoid?

A: I would try and avoid shampoos with added conditioners. Conditioners can leave heavy pore blocking residue. Conditioner can also leave a film and act as a magnet for dirt as well as soften regrowth and cause tangles.

Q: As a groomer, what did you find to be the biggest problem with most shampoos on the market?

A: Too much added dye and fragrance.

Q: Why did you decide to start your own shampoo line?

A: I was unhappy with what was available on the market. I tried everything and couldn’t get dependable results. Every great haircut starts with a clean and comfortable pet. The last thing a pet stylist wants is a complaint about pets going home and a few days later, the pet is itching.

Q: How does your shampoo differ from other shampoos on the market?

A: B3 is a sugar based shampoo and not a sodium based shampoo. Our product line is designed to be a humectant and not strip moisture.


Q: Is there such a thing as dog conditioner? If so, is this an important step in the bathing process?

A: Yes, there are lots of conditioners available on the market. I do not use or recommend conditioners at all in my salon. We do not manufacture one. I do not like to add wax oil or lard based products to sit on my customer’s skin for any length of time.

Q: Any other important details about shampoo that dog moms should know about?

A: A few important details dog moms should keep in mind, most pet shampoos should be diluted and not used full strength. If dilution is not indicated on the label, start by mixing 1 oz of shampoo per 10 oz of water. For the best results save an old dishwashing liquid bottle and dilute in that bottle.

It is important to remember even if a product claims to be tearless or eye friendly, always flush shampoo if you get it in pets eyes, no exceptions.

If you have any questions or concerns it is ok to check with your neighborhood pet groomer.

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