WOW … Impressive Dog Practices Yoga With His Dad!

Have you ever tried to workout at home with your dogs around? If so, you know it doesn’t always go as smoothly as you had hoped! According to my two pups, yoga stretches on the mat must mean it’s time to play. They bring me toys, jump all over me, and try to attack my face with kisses. The result? A very minor burning sensation in my abdomen from all of the laughing … and that’s it! 

Since my home workouts are one big mess, I was amazed when I first saw this video of a man and his Chihuahua practicing yoga. I have to say, I think this Chihuahua is a better yogi than I am! 

In this impressive video, the Chihuahua, Pancho, starts out in what appears to be his version of Downward Dog. Then, he very gracefully moves into Cobra and does several neck stretches. He follows along with his human, Nic, perfectly, even opening his mouth when instructed to! 

Video Via Nic Bello/YouTube

Nic and Pancho have recorded several yoga videos together and they all garner thousands to millions of views. In case you can’t get enough of the namaste duo, check out this adorable video too:

Video Via Nic Bello/YouTube