10 Family Christmas Pajama Sets That Included Fido

In my family, Christmas just wouldn’t be complete without matching family pajamas. My husband and I spend Christmas morning at my parent’s house (they live a whopping 7 blocks away) and we all get decked out in festive PJs. Oh yeah … and the dogs join in on the fun.

There are plenty of companies that keep Fido in mind when creating their holiday-themed jammies. I must say: These sets usually sell out pretty quickly. So, if you’re craving some adorable, Insta-worthy photos that feature your fam (human and canine) in coordinating nighties then grab um’ while you can!

I’ve rounded up a bunch of options to get your search started. Check them out:

*All of the photos in this article are taken directly from the Amazon listing.

1. Santa Baby!

Santa Clause, Mrs. Clause, Kid Clause, and Puppy Clause … this matching pajama set will transform your pack into the ultimate Christmas family!

2. A Group of Grinches

“You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch / You really are a heel / You’re as cuddly as a cactus / You’re as charming as an eel, Mr. Grinch!” 

But, really, your family will look adorable in these Grinch jammies. 

3. Light It Up

First, you put the twinkling lights up on your roof and around your house. Then, you put the pretty lightbulb-themed pajamas on yourself! How adorable are these for Christmas morning?!

4. Deck the Halls Disney Style

Is there really anything better during the holiday season than cuddling up by the fire and watching Disney movies? If you’re a Disney fan then you’re going to love these cheery Micky and Minnie nighties. 

5. Snowman Argyle

Paired with a solid black top, you’ve gotta see these adorable argyle PJ pants. They have little snowmen on them! Of course, we can’t forget about Fido’s outfit — check out his coordinating shirt and bandana. 

6. Christmas Tree Plaid

This set comes with a solid green top and plaid pants. But, take a closer look at the bottoms … there are little Christmas trees! Just like the last jammie set on this list, the puppy pair is a solid top with coordinating pattern bandana. 

7. Classic Red and White Plaid

These super-soft, fleece PJs feature button-down tops and drawstring style pants. Well, except for the dog. No pants needed when you’re the dog!

8. Do The Peppermint Twist!

Candy canes and peppermint candies are the epitomai of Christmas time! And these red and white twisting PJs will certainly put you in a fresh, festive feeling. 

9. Red and Green Stripes That Make Us Smile

Two years ago, my family and I wore a red and white striped set that looked very similar to these. So, when I stumbled across these on Amazon, I immediately thought of the great memories we created that holiday. 

10. Style With Snoopy

Once the holiday decorations are up, does your family love to flip on the TV and watch the classic Charlie Brown Christmas movie? If so, this set is definitely for you. They’re Snoop-i-fied!