Giveaway: This Online Dog Training Course Will Teach Your Dog Better Manners


Imagine beginning your new year with a well-trained dog ...

Kissing away stressful walks filled with leash pulling, embarrassing jumping when guests walk through the door, or non-stop barking that sounds like nails on a chalkboard. 

Well, now is your chance!

Proud Dog Mom is teaming up with Paws and Possibilities -- a full-service dog training company that's helping people around the world better communicate with their dogs -- to gift one dog parent an online training course membership! 

This 4-week course is called Manners Matter and it covers everything from barking to leash pulling (more details below).

To enter for your chance to win a FREE Silver training membership, just fill out the official signup form below. This giveaway ends Sunday the 23rd at midnight EST.   

Don't worry - neither Proud Dog Mom or Paws and Possibilities (creator of Manners Matter) share or sell email addresses.