benefits of pumpkin for dogs

8 Amazing Health Benefits of Pumpkin For Dogs

I love adding pumpkin to my homemade dog treats. Not only does the ingredient create a nice texture, it’s also great for my pup’s health! Read on to find out the top eight amazing health benefits of pumpkin for dogs. Plus, see which type of pumpkin you should and shouldn’t include in your dog’s diet!

1) Natural Diarrhea Remedy

Pumpkin is one of the best natural diarrhea remedies for your pooch since it’s rich in fiber, which helps add bulk to stool. Start by adding one or two teaspoons of pureed pumpkin (depending on your dog’s weight) to your pup’s food for relief.

2) Natural Constipation Relief

I know what you’re thinking — if pumpkin adds bulk to your pup’s stool, wouldn’t it just make constipation worse? But that’s not the case. Since pumpkin also has a high water content, the extra liquid can help lubricate your pup’s stool, making it easier to pass. In general, pumpkin is a winner for your dog’s digestive health!

3) Aids Weight Management

Is your pooch considered overweight or obese? Try adding a little dollop of pumpkin to his food. While pumpkin is low-calorie and low-fat, the fiber and few grams of protein help to keep your dog’s belly feeling full for a longer period of time. That means he’s less likely to graze on food throughout the day.

4) Natural Dewormer

While the pits and seeds found in most fruits are a major no-no for your dog because they contain levels of cyanide, that’s not the case with raw, organic pumpkin seeds. According to DogsNaturally, feeding your dog pumpkin seeds can actually help prevent or expel worms and parasites. You can either give them whole as a treat or grind them up and place them in his dish. It’s recommended to give one teaspoon per ten pounds.

5) Urinary Health

Here’s another benefit of those pumpkin seeds! The oils found in pumpkin seeds and the pumpkin’s flesh are believed to support urinary health by keeping the urinary tract clean.

6) Immunity

Pumpkin is loaded with vitamin A and C, along with a number of other immune boosting minerals.

7) May Support Eye Health

Since pumpkin flesh is rich in vitamin A, a key vitamin for vision and eye health, it’s believed that feeding your pooch pumpkin can help support those beautiful peepers.

8) Skin and Coat

The many vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids found in pumpkin seeds are believed to help moisturize your canine kid’s skin and coat.

So What Type Of Pumpkin Should You Feed Your Dog?

When buying pumpkin for your pooch, avoid cans that say “Pie Filling.” These products often include spices that your dog should avoid. Instead, pick up a can that says “100% Pure Pumpkin Puree.” The only ingredient on the ingredient list should be “pumpkin!”

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