Are Pets Family Members? Check Out This Poll!

Over the years, there’s been a clear shift in the way Americans view dogs. They’re no longer viewed as animals who belong out in the doghouse. Rather, they sleep in our beds, eat home cooked meals, and are more fashionable than many humans. The term “owner” is out and “pet parent” is in. We refer to our dogs as “fur babies” or “canine kids.” Heck, go online and you can find dog strollers (my goodness are those things cute). 

It’s no secret that I personally view my two dogs as close family members. I mean, just look at the name of my blog—Proud Dog Mom! That’s why, when I stumbled across this 2015 Harris Poll titled, “More Than Ever, Pets Are Part Of The Family,” it immediately peaked my interest. 

2,205 American men and women ages 18 and up1,323 of which have at least one pet—answered the online survey. Questions ranged from lifestyle to spending habits. After reading through every chart in this Harris Poll, one thing is clear—pets are a part of the family and way more than “just an animal.”

Pets: A Part Of The Family & Not Just An Animal

I put together this infographic highlighting some of the Poll’s findings. Hopefully you’ll get as big a kick out of the numbers as I did: 

Are Pets Family Members? Check Out This Poll!