As I place my next order for Cannanine Organic Hemp CBD Oil, I wanted to share the many ways you can incorporate this liquid gold into your dog's diet.

How To Incorporate CBD Oil from Hemp Into Your Dog’s Diet

As I place my next order for Cannanine’s Organic CBD Oil from Hemp, I wanted to share the many ways you can incorporate this liquid gold into your dog’s diet. I call it “liquid gold” because a high-quality Hemp CBD oil is linked to many health benefits, such as:

  • Helps relieve joint pain, chronic pain, and inflammation
  • Eases muscle spasms
  • Helps ease digestive issues, such as IBD and colitis
  • Anxiety relief
  • Helps treat seizures and epilepsy
  • Helps protect the nervous system
  • Promotes cardiovascular health
  • Promotes cognitive health
  • Natural sleep aid
  • Fights nausea and vomiting
  • Increases appetite
  • Fights allergies

There are a ton of benefits! To find out more about CBD oil for dogs and how it works, check out the following reads:

How To Give Your Dog CBD Oil

Squirt It Directly Into His Mouth

One of the best ways to give your dog CBD oil is to drop it directly into their mouth, preferably under the tongue so it absorbs directly into your dog’s bloodstream. If your dog will allow you to squirt the oil directly into his mouth, but not under his tongue then aim for the back of his tongue (not so far back that you’ll gag him, but far enough that he won’t spit it out).

Immediately follow it up with your dog’s favorite treat! This will help ensure that he swallowed it all and makes the experience a more pleasant one for your pooch!

Squirt It Into His Breakfast

I feed my dogs a fresh meal twice a day. They gobble it right now and leave licking their chops. Since I know they don’t leave even one crumb behind, I add their dose of Cannanine Organic CBD Oil from Hemp directly to their breakfast. 

NOTE: If you free-feed kibble then you’ll want to avoid adding the CBD oil to your dog’s meal. Because then that liquid gold will be sitting out all day and lose its freshness. Instead, get creative with yummy treats.

Squirt It Onto A Soft & Absorbent Treat

This is where my Salmon & Veggie Dog Muffins, Sweet Potato Muffins, Turkey Loaf Muffins, and Sardine-Based Fish Paw treats come in handy. These are all easy to pop onto a little plate, break apart into small bites, and squirt some CBD oil on top.

Squirt It Onto Something Simple & Yummy

If you don’t have any of those homemade treats in your fridge, no problem! When in a pinch, you can easily squirt your dog’s dose onto a:

  • A scoop of canned salmon (boneless, skinless, in water)
  • 1 mashed sardine (boneless, skinless, in water)
  • A scrambled or boiled egg, mashed into bite-size pieces
  • A few bite-size pieces of boiled chicken
  • A scoop of plain yogurt

The Oil I Use & Trust

Since sharing my Chihuahua’s positive experience with Hemp CBD Oil, I’ve received a lot of messages asking which brand I personally use and trust. I’m already moving through my fourth bottle of Cannanine Organic CBD Oil from Hemp and absolutely LOVE the product. 

A few things that set Cannanine apart from other brands: 

  • Made from Organic, Non-GMO, Human Grade Ingredients
  • 100% THC-free (most CBD oils are not)
  • It’s full-spectrum, which means it contains more than just CBD. It also contains other non-psychoactive cannabinoids that can work together to enhance the oil’s effectiveness. 
  • It’s been tested and found to be free of heavy metals, harmful bacteria, yeast, mold, and other toxins
  • The company freely shares its Certificate of Analysis Test Results!
  • Features Patented Nano-Sized Microemulsion for maximum bioavailability and absorbability (4x smaller particles vs other oils)
  • Legal in all 50 states in the US

Another benefit? Every bottle purchased provides seven meals for shelter dogs in need! 

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