Cuteness Overload: Watch Chihuahua Demand More Kisses From Human Dad!

Not to generalize here, but I find Chihuahuas to be one of the most loyal dog breeds. They are deeply devoted to their human companion and crave attention. My little chi lives for curling into a little ball on my lap and cuddling. While I find Chihuahuas super affectionate, there is one Chihuahua who is taking love to a whole new level.

Meet the Chihuahua who is melting hearts around the world!

In the video below, you see this sweet little girl demanding more and more kisses from her human dad. It starts with the man planting a smooch on the Chihuahua’s cheek. When he pulls away? The petite canine cutie immediately extends her fawn-colored paws toward his face and pulls him right back in for another kiss.

I’ve honestly pressed the replay button on this video more than a dozen times. Each time I watch it I let out a big, “awwwwww!” And it seems I’m not the only one who is absolutely obsessed with this video. It’s been circulating around Facebook and garnering lots of views!

Watch the heart-warming video here:

Hope this video brightens up your day … now go give your dog a kiss!