Dog diabetes, obesity, and cancer rates on the rise. In this inspiring TEDTalk, pet nutrition blogger Rodney Habib talks about the importance of diet!

Why Your Dog’s Diet Is Life Changing: The TEDTalk All Pet Parents Should Watch

Aren’t dogs just the best?! Their hearts are pretty much made of gold, they’re fascinated by even the simplest things, and they have this crazy ability to make us humans smile! A dog’s only flaw? Their time here on earth is far too short! With dog diabetes, obesity, and cancer rates on the rise, award-winning pet nutrition blogger Rodney Habib went on a mission to find out why. In his eye-opening and inspiring TEDTalk (video below), Rodney shares what he’s learned along the way. Let me start by saying – every dog parent should see this! 

Rodney’s search began after his dog Sammie was diagnosed with Cancer. Since then, he’s spent a lot of time digging for answers. He’s chatted with everyone from the owner of a 30-year-old dog to researchers about fighting canine cancer and keeping our pups healthy. It all boiled down to one very important thing — diet.  

30 to 40% of all cancers can be prevented simply by implementing dietary changes. – Canine Nutrigenomics 

WATCH: “Why Don’t Dogs Live Forever” TEDTalk

In this amazing 15-minute video, Rodney shares some very insightful research studies, findings, and statistics that will make you second guess what you’re feeding your pooch. I encourage you to watch this entire video from start to finish because there are little gold nuggets sprinkled throughout the whole thing. I’ve always been a big Rodney Habib fan, and after watching this video, I think you will be too! 

Here at Proud Dog Mom, we’re huge advocates of ditching the processed dog treats/food. I love incorporating fresh vegetables – like spinach and kale – into my dogs’ diet. Plus, ingredients like turmeric, ginger, and spirulina are also proven to benefit their health. If you planned to eat cleaner and get healthy, why not do the same for your pooch?! As you found out from Rodney Habib’s TEDTalk, a dog’s diet is life-changing.

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